Thom Hartmann: Should you get a flu shot? With Larrie Garrett

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August 27, 2009

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5 thoughts on “Thom Hartmann: Should you get a flu shot? With Larrie Garrett

  1. Tom, you are not using your head or doing your homework! It is not all right wing loonies who wonder about the safety of the swine flu vaccines being rushed to market (without proper safeguards, using new, untested methods of production,) amid scare headlines and press releases about a coming pandemic and vaccine shortages…. Talk about a hard sell!. Look at the record of its manufacturer, Baxter. Consider the hysteria that was whipped up over bird flu and that other one whose name I forget, so little did it turn out to matter. Your expert was not telling the whole story, perhaps because she doesn’t see the whole story due to her own bias, which you apparently share. Not everything in the medical marketplace has turned out to be safe, whatever the FDA might say; and you know that. The more hyped a new medicine or procedure is, the more money that’s involved and the more the manufacturers are part of a domestic security industrial complex, the more we need to be on guard.

  2. To everyone who is anti vaccine I have a lot to say, but I’ll just remind you of TB and polio. Two huge health concerns not too long ago. SIGH…I wanted to be a part of this vaccine testing, as Group Health Seattle was one of 8 groups who were conducting it. I was ineligible. And it looks, from here, that there have been some problems with this particular vaccine. But GOSH…people…this flu does look like it could actually be bad! It might not happen this year, but the possibility of it being very serious is @ 10 to 25%. I sure do hope people keep getting involved with medical trials. WHY?! BECAUSE THAT’S THE WAY WE PREVENT OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE LESS FORTUNATE THAN WE ARE FROM SUFFERING. That’s why. Here’s hoping this influenza doesn’t hit us hard, because it appears that we are wide open for an outbreak.

  3. Vaccines offer immunity to no disease. Read the Sanctity of Human Blood by Tim O’Shea. A number of other docotrs have written books debunking the idea tht vaccines offer immunity. It is hardly rightwing conspiracy nuts.

    Canada is ivestigating boosting people immunological stems via vitamin D supplementation.

    • I agree. ANY flu vaccine has mercury in amounts way beyond safe and other cancer causing ingredients. I personally spent years being sick from vaccinations and there is little evidence that they work. Several physician’s I trust don’t vaccinate and advise healthy ways for people to keep well, vitamin D being a great example. There is an article which I will find of a doctor whose patients didn’t get sick during the flu pandemic early in the century because they were on doses of vitamin D. I will find and post the link.

      I would have like to have seen Thom challenge his “expert” with more information on the vaccine and why the government is giving immunity to the drug companies (another deal like not negotiating prices?) if it is so safe. Thom usually is really informed about topics he discusses on his show. His knowledge of this topic seems to be limited to the email titles he read and so this was not the kind of intelligent, informed dialogue that he usually offers listeners on his show. I am really disappointed because he is one of the people I usually can count on to deal with issues in a more intelligent way. He should stick to what he knows or get guests from opposing views like he does on other issues to have a more meaningful discussion.

      I’m a little confused as to why dandelion salad would post this.

      • Grinrevere, good points. I’ve also heard about Vit D as a preventative.

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