Netanyahu: Our lesson from the Holocaust is that threats to our existence must be nipped in the bud

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compiled by Cem Ertür
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28 August 2009

This week, the leaders of Israel, UK, Germany and US launched yet another joint propaganda campaign against Iran. The aim is to get the UN Security Council to impose “crippling sanctions” on Iran, a step that would ultimately facilitate their next brutal invasion.

Actually, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that it is possible for “the coalition of the willing” to impose these sanctions “even without a UN Security Council decision”. [1]

Meanwhile, more than 100 member countries of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) declared their support to Iran’s proposal to ban military attacks on nuclear installations. The proposal will be voted at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) general conference in September. [2]

1) Netanyahu: Our lesson from the Holocaust is that threats to our existence must be nipped in the bud (27 August 2009)
2) Merkel: Defending Israel is an eternal responsibility of Germany (27 August 2009)


excerpts from: PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech at Axel Springer, Berlin, Germany

We cannot allow this to be repeated. We, means the whole civilized world. We cannot allow those who wish to perpetrate mass death, those who call for the destruction of the Jewish people or the Jewish state, to go unchallenged. […] [T]he most important thing to do is to nip it at the bud.

[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speech at the Axel Springer publishing house, Berlin, 27 August 2009]


excerpt from: Joint Press Conference of PM Netanyahu and Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel in Berlin

Israeli Prime Minister’s official web site, 27 August 2009

The Germans were the ones who were pursuing in a systematic way the annihilation of the Jewish people, planned it and implemented it in the form of the Holocaust. This is an everlasting, an eternal responsibility of our country, and part of a basic tenet of our policy, of our raison d’être as we put it, is to defend Israel always, and this is a responsibility incumbent upon my generation, coming out of another very terrible result in the past, and that is why we feel so responsible now also as regards Iran.

[Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel, joint press conference with the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Berlin, 27 August 2009]


from the archives:

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6 thoughts on “Netanyahu: Our lesson from the Holocaust is that threats to our existence must be nipped in the bud

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  3. What is so sad is that the official Israeli version of history makes the Palestinians into non-people. The Zionist view is that Palestine was a great big vacant lot just there for the taking, and that it was the Arab armies who drove the refugees out, not the Jewish armies. The entire history is skewed and now Arab Israeli children’s school books are censored to remove the word “Nakba”.

    I am horrified by the holocaust but there must be a collective effort on the part of the Israeli people to put it in the past where it belongs and stop dwelling on it every day and perpetuating this odd PTSD type collective psychology. Israel has no friends other than its mentor, the US. At least there are no friendly neighbors, and that is due to its aggression and suspicion.

  4. The very worst lesson that Israel, or more like Netanyahu and his ilk, could get and learn from the Holocaust, they did.

    You’d think that superior military strength would allow and give room for wisdom and compassion to develop and grow in a nation that is supposed to know what suffering and injustice mean, better than many other nations, but that was a lesson that was never learnt by Israel. The only thing they seem to have learnt was the wrong one, and that is to emulate the cruelty of their most hated enemy – Hitler, not the poor Palestinians – and to exhibit the cruellest, most despicable and uncivilized types of behavior against innocent people who were living in their homeland in peace, all under the shamefully laughable excuse that God promised them that land, a few millennia ago.

    They don’t know or, worse yet, they don’t care that they have desecrated and disgraced, by their thievery and acts of inhumanity, the very revered memory of the victims of the Holocaust, in whose name they committed the most savage and despicable acts of terrorism and barbarism.

  5. Since Israel was stolen from Palenstinians and Isreal seems intent on being the aggressors in the Middle, having started various wars already, what are they nipping in the bud? The hatet they are generating.

    My mother was Catholic. She also happened to be interred in a Nazi Concetration camp. It certainly wasn’t only the Jewish people. Thae fact that millions of Jews were killed in Germany doesn’t make it right to steal Palestinian land, and not allow them rights in their own land. The Palesstinian or other people in the Middle East had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

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