Obama on vacation – wars rage on (Sheehan on Russia Today)

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August 28, 2009

Not all is smooth in Wonderland. As Obama vacations, thousands of troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. RT’s Anastasia Churkina investigates.


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4 thoughts on “Obama on vacation – wars rage on (Sheehan on Russia Today)

  1. So long as I’m here, there needs to be an objective, scientific investigation to the anomalous events of September 11, 2001, as the official explanation does not explain how the world trade center actually collapsed, where the airplane that supposedly hit the Pentagon went, along with the aircraft that supposedly crashed in Pennsylvania. Why didn’t the damage to the Pentagon match the size and shape of the aircraft and why wasn’t there any damage to the lawn from the engines? If by flying aircraft into buildings can be used to demolish them, then why are explosive experts needed to bring them down and all three towers came down very professionally.

    What were Mossad agents doing on the other side of the Hudson River, laughing and dancing ad the world trade center collapsed? They are a very small organization depending on Jews worldwide for support, so 6 of them in one place marks a significant presence. They also do not answer to their own government, unless they screw up too badly and kill the wrong person in a foreign country and get caught, so their own government doesn’t know what they are doing. Read Victor Ostrovsky’s “By Way of Deception.”

  2. With such a small percentage of America involved in this quagmire, how can the nation be in the slightest bit concerned? Knowing it wouldn’t get approved, I tried to press congress to discuss the draft to at least scare draft age students, but our corporate servants sere too afraid to discuss that. You can’t have a viable anti war movement when the majority is not threatened with going to war. Chancellor Otto von Bismarck once said “anyone who has stared into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battle field would think twice before starting a war.” America is in a coma. How does one awaken a country form a stupor?

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