Philip Giraldi on Antiwar Radio + Conservative Mag: Sibel Edmonds Speaks, But No One is Listening

Scott Horton
Antiwar Forum
August 27, 2009

Philip Giraldi, contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine and columnist for, discusses the long-awaited deposition of Sibel Edmonds, Marc Grossman’s 2001 outing of CIA front group Brewster Jennings, the failure of the MSM to cover news outside the left-right paradigm, the incredible level of corruption in the U.S. government and the influence of Turkish and Israeli lobbies in Congress.

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Conservative Mag: ‘Sibel Edmonds Speaks, But No One is Listening’

August 27, 2009

Phil Giraldi, a former CIA counter-terrorism analyst, is one of the few in the U.S. “mainstream” media of a sort, who has bothered to cover — and cover responsibly — Sibel Edmond’s story in the past.

Today over at The American Conservative — that’s right, The American Conservative — Giraldi notes this week’s release of Edmonds’ remarkable deposition video and transcript, appropriately, under the headline “Sibel Edmonds Speaks, But No One is Listening”…


via The BRAD BLOG : Conservative Mag: ‘Sibel Edmonds Speaks, But No One is Listening’


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