NATO official: Iran could fire conventional or nuclear missiles into Europe in the foreseeable future

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compiled by Cem Ertür

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31 August 2009

1) Iran ‘scores points’ on IAEA report despite US pressure (29 August 2009)

2) NATO official: Iran could fire conventional or nuclear missiles into Europe (31 August 2009)

from the archives:

3) Longer range on Iranian missile Shahab-4 could hit Central Europe (29 July 1998)


excerpts from: Iran ‘scores points’ on IAEA report despite US pressure

Press TV, 29 August 2009

Tehran[‘s ambassador to the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali-Asghar Soltaniyeh] says despite US pressure the UN nuclear watchdog has reflected four of the positive steps taken by Iran in the latest report it released on Friday.


[emphasis added]

excerpt from: NATO interest in Iran increasing

by Yaakov Katz, Jerusalem Post, 31 August 2009

NATO’s interest in Iran has dramatically increased in recent months as the Islamic Republic works to upgrade its ballistic missiles and increase their range so they can penetrate deep into Europe, according to officials at the Western military alliance [NATO]. […]

“Iran can now reach Israel but still wants to develop longer ranges. … We believe that in the foreseeable future, Iran could fire conventional or nuclear-tipped missiles into Europe” [a NATO official said].


from the archives:

excerpts from: Longer range on Iranian missile Shahab-4 could hit Central Europe

by Bill Gertz, Washington Times, 29 July 1998

Iran is working on a longer-range version of the Shahab-3 [ballistic] missile it flight-tested last week and it could be deployed in two to five years, […] Martin Indyk, assistant [US] secretary of state for Near East affairs, told reporters […]

U.S. intelligence agencies estimate that the Shahab-4 will have a range of up to 1,240 miles – enough to hit targets as far away as Central Europe.


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Former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Dore Gold talked about the threat posed by a future nuclear Iran

ElBaradei calls Iranian threat ‘hyped’ | Iran news | Jerusalem Post

14 thoughts on “NATO official: Iran could fire conventional or nuclear missiles into Europe in the foreseeable future

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  2. Is there any entity in the West that Israel can’t manipulate and control to speak on their behalf and execute their deranged agenda? I really wonder, in horror though, as I’m afraid that the answer may be “probably not”.

    What kind of a mind-numbing drug Israel had the West, especially the US, swallow, which renders them incapable of lucid, conscience-led and morality-based free thought, and sacrifice every principle they claim to believe in?

    What has Israel gotten on them that they, well, so many of them, talk, think and act as brainless proxies for Israel, forgetting and ignoring, ever so indiscreetly, the facts about what the hell is Israel to begin with, what horrendous war crimes it committed and continues to commit every single day against an innocent, unfortunate people , with unprecedented-in-history impunity.

    Have they – the civilized countries of the West – no shame, no conscience, no mind, and no dignity to question the puzzling and creepy free reign Israel has in exploiting them like the sad petty puppets they are, and in breaking every international and human law that prohibit the ugliest and saddest joke and genocide against innocent people, who are vilified, vehemently, for barely and hopelessly trying to resist what Israel is doing to them.

    Can any one of Israel’s supporters say with clear conscience that they wouldn’t do as much, if not more, much more, of what the Palestinians are doing to fight the atrocities of Israel against their people, if Israel did to them what it has been doing to the Palestinians for the last 60 years?

    And we thought the Nazis and many other insane movements like them in past history were bad, and yet we still repeat our banal, hypocritical preaching about our beliefs and principles against tyrannical, evil regimes in the world that don’t respect human rights that we supposedly espouse, while we watch, allow and even condone the apartheid practices of one of history’s ugliest and most despicable lie of a country, which was built on outrageous lies of biblical proportions.

    I wouldn’t worry so much about Iran, which showed no credible reason whatsoever for the West to be concerned, but I’d worry a hell of a lot more about the insane, schizophrenic and paranoid regime in Israel, which if not exposed, checked and stopped, it can lead this world to a new and much worse era of destruction and death for all concerned.

  3. Its old story: Zionists in Israel having ILLEGALY made WMD and hiding behind TRUTH Judaism occupaing not only part of M.East but mainly US Gowernment will do anything with support of their zionist Banksters to bring NATIONS of the World to wage wars against each other as always.
    Zionism is CANCER the Middle East and threat to Peace for the whole World and Humanity. / For them we all cattle of cource/.
    If one day Israel as a State will be abolished, because over 60 years of its existence did not prove be able to live in harmony with its neigbours, I ll be sorry for minority of REAL Jews living in Israel, but?
    I can imagine Zionism will be forbiden, rasist regime in todays Israel will fall and remaining REAL Jews will be able to live in province of Palestine called Israel together in harmony like before this out of terror Israel was born. / For start under the administration of Islamic states with UN mandate for min 50 years/.
    This would be the bigest most importent step for all HUMANITY – disarm Israel, to cancel its present form would lead to World peace.
    AlMighty was not some kind of Realestate Agent we should not enter any discutions about this myth….

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  5. It’s always amazing how any article pertaining to foreign relations includes unattributed comments from ‘officials’. This kind of crap propaganda didn’t work with imbecile Bush’s WMD BS and it is not likely to work with the neocon’s Iran the boogeyman storyline either. Is it any wonder that traditional media continues to see decreasing acceptance in the age of the internet?

  6. This is obviously an exercise in propaganda not based in fact. The big lie, the lie propagated by the US and Israel and now picked up by NATO. If anythig, Iran needs weapons to defend themselves agaist the aggrressive lies coming from Israel and the US. Where are the sanctions against Israel which has nuclear weapons is a non-signatory of NPT ad does not allow sanctions. it is unclear if the US gave the weapons to Israel or Israel stole the technology as in the Jonathan Pollard case.

  7. Who is this NUTSO official from the NATO.
    I hate sites who send out bullsh!t–if you can’t tag a name to the dirt on Iran–don’t mention it :^(

  8. Yaakov Katz writes: “NATO’s interest in Iran has dramatically increased in recent months…”

    Well, it’s not so much been in recent months, but more in recent days. In fact NATO’s interest in Iran has dramatically increased only since Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Europe just last week. One has to wonder how, despite all of its sophisticated intelligence services, millions spent on think-tanks and millions more spent on government analysts throughout Europe that it is only now, shortly after a visit from Israel’s Prime Minister, that NATO have suddenly concluded that somehow Iran is a threat to Europe.

    As has been pointed out here and elsewhere, Iran hasn’t actually threatened anyone – least of all Europe.

    One other little point that seems to have been overlooked is this; Russia these days in many ways regards itself as being a part of Europe, so why would Russia want to have a hand in providing nuclear technology to Iran if for one moment they believed that one day it would become a threat to them? If anyone knows what the Iranians are up to nuclear-wise it’s the Russians – after all, it is they that have built the nuclear plants. A nuclear-armed Iran is no more in Russia’s interest than it is in Israel’s or the US.

    No. All this rhetoric and propaganda ignores entirely the geopolitical realities.

    The IAEA has repeatedly told the UN that it can find no evidence whatsoever of Iran having a nuclear weapons program. Israel, the US and their Western allies have insisted that Iran does have such a program yet have not once provided a skerrick of evidence to support their claim.

    The reality is this: Israel and the US do not want Iran to abandon their nuclear weapons program because they know that Iran doesn’t have one to abandon. What they really want is regime change in Iran. Iran’s nuclear weapons program is just a propaganda lever; a lever which the US and Israel hope to use as a casus belli to eventually attack Iran when they feel the world is suitably frightened enough and that Western public opinion will support such an attack.

    With Iran neutralised, Hezbollah and Hamas will no longer have support thus allowing the Israelis to simply take over the south of Lebanon up to the Latani River, and into the Gaza Strip when they will resettle the Palestinians there to elsewhere. Then there will be nothing at all to stop them doing the same to the West Bank.

    Voila! In a nutshell – Greater Israel!

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  10. We spent trillions of dollars on an arsenal of 10s of thousands of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to any spot on earth. We can destroy every single human being on earth ten times over. We have thousands of people that are ready to launch this arsenal on a moments notice. We were told we needed this arsenal because of the MAD principle, wherein no one would attack us out of fear of nuclear annihilation.

    Was this all a lie? Were we duped into spending all this money on a principle that doesn’t work? If a few, even a hundred, Iranian weapons are a mortal threat to our existence, then what value is our tens of thousands of weapons?

    In point of fact, Iran has not made threats against the Western nations, but the West has made numerous threats against Iran. If anyone has a right to fear attack, it is the Iranians, so if anyone needs nuclear weapons as a deterrence, it is Iran.

  11. I suppose the even more obvious response is:
    JOE PUBLIC official: Europe could fire conventional or nuclear missiles into Iran in the foreseeable future

    But of course, if JOE PUBLIC had an ounce of wit to scratch himself he would realise that the Bush-Powell-Rumsfeld-Cheney cabal of war criminals used the UN process to disarm Iraq BEFORE launching an ILLEGAL. IMMORAL, AGGRESSIVE and VIOLENT attack on a state which, after the event, had quite obviously complied in all the requirements for which non-compliance was touted as a reason for going to war.

    The problem for JOE PUBLIC is a) he doesn’t want to believe that HE is among the BAD GUYS, b) he needs the OIL (stupid) and c) so long as the media can keep massaging his conscience (with even patently obvious lies) he doesn’t really give a rat’s arse WHAT hapens to “foreigners” and morality and honour are a bit passe anyway.

  12. I suppose the most obvious question would be: Why? Why on earth would Iran want to launch a missile attack on Europe? What could they possibly gain?

    Do these NATO official types really believe that the common man is so dumb and gullible as to believe this purile nonsense?

    This is just more warmongering garbage from the Islamophobic right of the Western world.

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  14. Israel could do it too, and has hurled more abuse at Europe than Iran has. I don’t see any pressure on the IAEA to examine Israel’s undeclared arsenal. I guess that would be ANTI-SEMITIC!!

    Israel can’t destroy Switzerland though, where else would it hide all that stolen American money?

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