Professor Panarin: Obama leads America to breakup

August 31, 2009

Professor Igor Panarin, whose book The Crash of America is just out, claims that by November the book will be yesterdays news.

Divided United States map


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10 thoughts on “Professor Panarin: Obama leads America to breakup

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  4. the problem with the good professor’s theory is in the aftermath of the break-up,the united states are destined to break-up .They are to many irreconcilable differences not only from the political BLUE and RED States point of view but also from the: North East,South Est,Upper Mid-West,Lower Mid-west , the North Western States and South Western States regions from one another on all sorts of cultural,ethnic,political,economic and philosophical issues,for that not to happen eventually .From that stand point the professor is right ,however to think that a THIRD WORLD disaster like Mexico could take over the SOUTH EAST and LOWER MID WESTERN States is lunacy!!.To think that China whom itself is “inches”away not only from a full blown civil war but a total and irreversible ecological collapse would have anything left to come over and “influence”as the professor puts it the Western break away states is improbable at best.To think that Canada witch is a “bit player” on the world scene witch as ALWAYS been nothing more than a dependent and surrogate of the U.S.will all of the sudden take over (or influence) the central and upper mid west break away states is also inaccurate.If anything it is English Canada whom MIGHT in the process get absorb by these central U.S. break-away states,with the French Canadian province of Quebec to join the North Eastern U.S. states whom MIGHT join Europe.However i do not see why all these break away regions could not just be independent and self reliant without any need to be ” influence” or let alone taken over by any outside forces?

  5. Remember seeing this video from Russia Today featuring Professor Panarin and his theory on YouTube several months ago., and thought then, as I do now, that he was indulging himself with a triumph of hope over reality.

    Make no mistake, the US could conceivably break up at some point in the future, just as the old Soviet Union did, but for entirely different causes and reasons than the latter.

    Also, if such a break-up were to happen, I rather doubt the various regions of the US would align along the lines given in the pictorial version of his theory given above.

    Don’t forget that Canada has had, and continues to have, considerable secessionist sentiment in Quebec, and there’s also some in Alberta, which resents, rightly or wrongly, Canadian federal government taxes and interventions into what it considers to be its own revenues, especially from oil.

    Mexico, if the trouble and performance of its military and police forces against the various drug cartels, the Zapatista and Trotskyist insurgents in recent years are any indication, would have considerable trouble and probably fail quite badly in taking more than a fraction of the territory Professor Panarin envisions it controlling or having influence over.

    As for Atlantic America, well, it might very well join the EU, if such a break-up happened.

    But, where Panarin’s theory breaks down is that he fails to take into account the possible emergence of racially-based states, like a possible White Nationalist homeland in the Pacific Northwest, a Nation of Islam- or New Black Panther Party-controlled African American state in those portions of the US where African-Americans make up a majority of the population, a possible Atzlan republic or other state emerging from parts of the Southwest, and various religiously-based(am thinking primarily of Utah here)ones as well.

    Even then, such a break-up would most likely occur in the wake of economic and political collapse after some sort of police state had been erected and failed, and would most likely result in , for a while at least, a rather violent and extremely Lebanese- or Yugoslav-style civil war between the various and sundry American factions, rather than any sort of relatively “clean” and tidy break-up of the US.

    I could very well be wrong about all of this, but I think Prof. Panarin is even more dead wrong about the matter in question.

  6. There are a great many differences between the states of the United States and those of the Soviet Union. The states of the Soviet Union were often different in language, culture and ethnicity. For example, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, and the Central Asian republics were different in these respects. That is not the case in the United States. I still think the Soviet Union could have had a more democratic system without having capitalism forced down its throat by the United States. In previous times, I remember that whenever the United States threatened Iraq with military force, the Soviet Union put its ships into the Mediterranean Sea and the crisis was over. Too bad the Soviet Union was no longer in existence as a protector of Iraq in 2003. Maybe, a once prosperous country would not have become what Sean Penn calls “Dante’s Inferno.”

  7. There will be no breakup of the United States …

    Any threat to the power of the elites’ plutocracy will be met with swift and immediate intervention. Scenarios for handling large scale public disturbance have already been gamed and provisions made …

    Yes, there is the very real chance of major economic and social dislocations but Americans will have to rely on government to see them through … Most Americans won’t go 3 days before their food runs out. At that time they will cooperate fully with the powers that be …

    The elites hold all the cards … Sure there are a few that survive for months even years without help but they are very few in number and could not possibly challenge a police state …

    The outcome has been preordained in case of catastrophe : A Police State

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