ArmorGroup’s lewd behavior and hazing + Kabul Embassy: Scenes from Lord of the Flies + photos

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Updated: Sept 4, 2009 added link to photos

ArmorGroup’s lewd behavior and hazing

September 01, 2009 PBS News Hour



U.S. Kabul Embassy: Scenes from Lord of the Flies

Attention 101 on Sep 2, 2009



Lewd Hazing at Kabul Embassy

ABC News

Private security guards at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul were pressured to participate in naked pool parties to gain promotions or assignment to preferable shifts, according to one of 12 guards who have gone public with their complaints.

Project on Government Oversight

via Photos: Lewd Hazing at Kabul Embassy – ABC News


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4 thoughts on “ArmorGroup’s lewd behavior and hazing + Kabul Embassy: Scenes from Lord of the Flies + photos

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  2. So Eileen, let me get this clear: the actual problem for you was NOT that he was mooning the camera, but the fact that he dared mooning you with his “flabby ass”?

  3. This is exactly the same sort of thing I saw within the 1856 CG. There was this group calling itself “The Animals” led by a ‘Nam retread Captain who was notorious for his drunkenness, sexual harassment and unprofessionalism. He and the people under his command created an extremely hostile environment for those who wouldn’t go along with the constant push against the envelope of an already stressful highly classified environment.

    Those who didn’t actively participate were expected to react as “oh they’re just blowing off steam” or “boys will be boys”. I watched this Captain target both enlisted and officers under his command for harassment. If he wasn’t interested himself or deemed it too dangerous to go after a woman, he would try to set them up in relationships with people working for him so that they could be treated as “camp followers”. Even these women were treated with supreme disrespect, especially if they crossed him or one of his boys. It was very “Lord of the Flies”.

    At a squadron picnic I left a disposable camera lying around and when I came back to the bench all the pictures had been shot. When I got them developed there were three of this Captain mooning the camera. I didn’t know about the pictures of course and was first reviewing them at my desk, and when I came upon these everyone was like “holy shit!” Talk about “conduct unbecoming”, I don’t think I have ever beheld anything quite so unbecoming as this guy’s flabby ass….

    Anyway the Captain found out about the pictures and demanded them. I refused to give them to him because I knew as long as I had them in my possession I could defend myself against his harassment. Right wing religious types who were out to get this Captain also demanded the pictures and I refused. I ended up turning them over to my squadron commander during my outprocessing interview from the unit when he asked me the question “Why do you want to leave the Air Force?” I figured they were worth at least three thousand words.

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