Eyewitness Honduras: Resistance to the Coup D’Etat


September 02, 2009

Shaun Joseph and Providence City Councilman Miguel Luna report back on the resistance to the coup in Honduras.
Honduras video and photos by Shaun Joseph; reporter – Miguel Luna
Filmed by Paul Hubbard at the Open Table of Christ Church in Providence RI on 8-19-09


Honduran resistance goes it alone

4 thoughts on “Eyewitness Honduras: Resistance to the Coup D’Etat

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  4. It is interesting to note the Israel is training Honduran police in terrorist tactics to be used against the Honduran people. Just as Honduran death squads were trained by the USA. Is there any doubt as to why the Honduran people are protesting?

    What is remarkable is that Zelaya is a member of the oligarchy.

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