stimulator: Super Soak the Olympic Torch
September 3, 2009

Super Soak the Olympic Torch at subMedia

This week:
1. Pilger Smackdown
2. Obama’s Colombian Connection
3. Manta Shutdown
4. Honduran Repression
5. Hillary Twitton
6. Climate Casino
7. G20 Pittsburgh
8. Manu Chao
9. 2010 Olympic Resistance


Power, Illusion, and America’s Last Taboo by John Pilger

Colombia passes Uribe third term bill

Rafael Correa on Global Capitalism

Irked by US-Colombia deal, Chavez warns of war

Colombia: US Escalates War Plans In Latin America by Rick Rozoff

Honduran resistance goes it alone

Coup Protestor Gang-Raped by Honduran Police

Go to Pittsburgh, Young Man, and Defy Your Empire by Chris Hedges

from the archives:

The War On Democracy by John Pilger (video)

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