Israeli soldiers fire tear gas on Al Jazeera correspondent + Protests continue in the West Bank over land seizure

September 04, 2009

Israeli soldiers have fired tear gas on Palestinians protesting against the Israeli separation barrier which cuts through their West Bank village.

The soldiers also fired tear gas at Jacky Rowland, Al Jazeera’s correspondent who was covering the event live from near the village of Bilin.


Palestinian villagers protest land seizure – 04 Sep 09


Hundreds of Palestinian villagers have made a short but symbolic march to the separation wall that Israel has built on their land, a non-violent protests that they regularly undertake.

Equally, the protesters, marching from the village of Bilin, are regularly met with a violent response from the Israeli army.

“The village of Bilin is literally on the frontline of Israel’s confiscation of Palestinian land and the construction of its separation barrier,” Jacky Rowland, Al Jazeera’s correspondent reporting from the village, said.

“Later today the villagers of Bilin will protest the fact that not only they, but also five neighbouring villages, have lost their land which has been seized to build an Israeli settlement.

“This huge settlement will result in 40,000 Jewish settlers living on occupied land here in the West Bank and as Prime Minister [Binyamin] Netanyahu is planning to give the go ahead for even more of these settlement homes to be built,” she said.

Netanyahu is set to approve plans to build hundreds of new homes on Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, before considering US demands for a construction freeze.

8 thoughts on “Israeli soldiers fire tear gas on Al Jazeera correspondent + Protests continue in the West Bank over land seizure

    • I’ll just leave this one alone then,

      It seems that you will defend the position of those who would enact a second ha’shoah while deleting comment in dissent of that goal, because they are honest and do not includethe fantasy that peace can be achieved while one side or the other lives and has the power to do harm to the other. .

      • Well that’s not true at all. Just because one posts about violence perpetrated by Israeli soldiers doesn’t mean that one sides with their enemy. I’m Jewish, I certainly do not desire another Shoah. Violence against innocent people is always wrong, no matter who commits the crimes.

        Your comment wasn’t dissent; it was going with the status quo of supporting Israel, right or wrong. Your comment stated that you wished for Muslim people to be killed, any and all, no matter if they committed violent acts. I am totally against the death penalty.

  1. What Jonolan has so hatefully and psychotically stated is so perfectly in line with the extremist fanatic ideology and policies of this Israeli fascist government, which can’t and shouldn’t be defended any more by any sane, rational person with any sense of morality and decency left in him. I see no bigger sad joke and more horribly mockery of justice, in modern history, than what Israel and its apartheid criminal government is doing, in broad day light, with its pillaging and thievery of Palestinian land, with total disregard to any laws and rules of civilized behavior, morality and decency.

    Israel should be held in contempt of internationally held rules and laws of human rights and all signed conventions that uphold thoroughly the Ten Commandments, which Israel, whose ancestors are the supposed receivers of those commandments from God, show utter disregard and contempt for.

    Israel is plain and simple a criminal state, and all decent civilized countries of the world, including the US which is still so shamefully Israel’s main mentor and protector, must treat it and deal with it as such, and hold it accountable for its war crimes and unspeakable, abhorrent acts. Any thing less than that is a joke and a mockery of all values held dear and sacred by decent people of this planet, amongst which Israel doesn’t obviously belong by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. Yes, that’s true; I did suggest – openly and honestly – killing someone in my previous comment.

    How though is that truly different from the implication that rabidly pro-Arab reporters should have access to Israel?

    The Arab nations surrounding Israel – and Hamas and probably Fatah – want to exterminate the Jews in that country. Their press certainly certainly supports that ideal.

    You might not like my honesty, but can you honestly dispute my position?

    • Hi Jonolan, how have you been? Bored?

      I read your last couple of comments, in one you suggested killing someone. Not cool, not on my blog. You are free to post about killing people that you disagree with on your own blog. Thanks.

      Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Where is the call for international sanctions and a blockade against Israel? There are in violation against international law and even their own law; wheras, Iran is in complicance with international law and there are calls for sancitons and a blockade.

    The criminal and illegal government of Israel must be stopped!

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