Latvia closes hospitals and schools under spending cuts

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September 04, 2009

Very few countries in Europe are feeling the recession as acutely as Latvia.

The public purse is running so low that many hospitals and schools are being shut down because the government simply can’t afford to keep them open.

Jonah Hull reports from Riga.

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2 thoughts on “Latvia closes hospitals and schools under spending cuts

  1. Well, Latvia, welcome to the world of international capitalism. When you were a part of the Soviet Union, I will agree it was no worker’s paradise, but you had free education and health care and were shielded to an extent from the disastrous consequences of capitalism like serious depressions and overproduction and the schemes of international financiers, or should I say robbers. You should have read your books by Marx and not allowed Gorbachev to sell out the Soviet Union to disintegration and “shock therapy.”

  2. Let the predatory lenders eat the lost., the Central Banks, the leites, the Rothchilds and Rockefellers. Lativa is a glimpse of what’s comig for the rest of the world. At a certain point the mass public is not going to allow the wealthy elite to tramble over them.

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