Bill Moyers Journal: The constitutionality of campaign finance limits for corporations

Bill Moyers Journal
September 4, 2009

Floyd Abrams

Next week, the Supreme Court reconvenes early for a special hearing on the constitutionality of campaign finance limits for corporations. Bill Moyers talks with Floyd Abrams, a First Amendment attorney arguing to overturn parts of McCain-Feingold.

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Trevor Potter and Floyd Abrams

Next week, the Supreme Court reconvenes early for a special hearing on the constitutionality of campaign finance limits for corporations. To hear the arguments, Bill Moyers sits down with Trevor Potter, president and general counsel of The Campaign Legal Center and a former chairman of the Federal Election Commission, and Floyd Abrams, a First Amendment attorney.via Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS


A Bill Moyers essay

A Bill Moyers essay on health care reform.

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September 04, 2009


Fight corporate money in politics – Don’t Get Rolled

September 02, 2009

Fight corporate money in politics at The Supreme Court on September 9, 2009 hears a case, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which re-opens the question of whether there should be ANY limits on corporate money in our elections. The potential result? A century of modest limits on corporate campaign contributions could be rolled back and corporate money could flood our elections to an even greater extent than they do today. Later this fall, the Supreme Court is expected to hand down a decision. Public Citizen and activists across the nation are pledging to protest this outrage if the decision allows for more corporate money and influence in politics. Corporations are not citizens! We need citizen-funded not corporate-funded candidates! Sign our Pledge to Protest petition and show your support for fair elections.


Real Time: Bill Moyers on Health Care as a Human Right

Ever wonder what’s happening to words once they fall into the hands of corporate and government propagandists? by Ralph Nader

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5 thoughts on “Bill Moyers Journal: The constitutionality of campaign finance limits for corporations

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  2. One more thing–the Bill Moyers interview with Ron Paul was very fair–can you imagine Glenn Beck giving Kucinich a fair interview?? To hear neo-cons talk about it, you would think that Moyers was the Left’s Beck!

    Paul has one thing wrong–he is under the mistaken impression that govt has al the power. I agree with him that govt-corp work in tandem..we just disagree on who’s being punked. Corporations are running the govt now, not vice versa. Its true–everyone telling Obama or the Dems to do this or do that—let Wall St “ask” them—the govt will be punked everytime.

    We HAVE to get this money out of out govt! NOw I will shut up lol

    One more worry about a govt run police state–so do I..but, quite frankly , I worry more about a privitized police state, hired by people like Rupert Murdoch, or Cheney etc. We have no idea where people in Blackwater , DynaCorp, come from (they are not “of us” like our soldiers), and we know their motivation (money), and they are accountable to no laws of any state.

    Terrifying. I am certain that they will make another appearance in Pittsburgh…

  3. On Moyers on health care–yes it is a human right. Yes, so are food clothing and shelter and the basics of life? Why? Because the alternative is inhuman and unbearable to a civilized society.

  4. I agree, for the most part (not being a real fan of strict constitutionalism) I esp agree about lobbying and Congress…

    How in hell can a person say that a corporation is a PERSON?! I mean, all the legal arguments aside, ask your streetwise man on the street and see what response you get—“Is Merrill-Lunch a human being, deserving of all the rights and liberties afforded a person?” They will laugh in your face, until they find out that our SC has ruled that ‘yes they are!”

    What bullshit!

    How frightening for the future of our country to think that corporations will be given unlimited ability to advertise with our subsidies and unknowing (via 401k and IRA) shareholders funds! Floyd Abrams arguments , although he tried to sound incredulous, should be able to be shot full of holes by a 12 yr old. But, given the Roberts Court , I am not full of hope about this.

    Sotomayor is fine and I am glad she was nominated..but why , when Dems are in power, dont they appoint true liberals, just to balance out the court a bit! Bushie was fully aware that he was appointing young, healthy white male ideologues….they will skew out country Right (neo-con right) for the rest of my lifetime.

    I watched it last night–hope I didn’t miss anything..

  5. The classically bad Spreme Court decision was the 1886 decisio which gave corporations the rigts of individuals. It’s been downhill ever since. This decision flew in the face of the beliefs expressed in writing of the founding fathers. The country needs to get back to what the founders believe in, not what corporations want us to believe.

    Corporations should have no politcal role in government, and government employees (military especially), should not roll over into corporate positions that they were connected with in their government jobs. This goes double for members of Congress.

    Furthermore, corporate lobbying needs to outlawed. The smell coming from Washington wouldn’t be quite so bad if this happened.

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