Kucinich Condemns NATO Strike in Afghanistan

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by Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Washington, Sep 4, 2009

Says Command should be Held Responsible

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), a leading Congressional voice calling for an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq, today released the following statement after media reports that a U.S. airstrike on two stolen fuel transport vehicles left as many as 90 dead, including 40 civilians and a ten-year old child:

“News reports covering today’s attack by the U.S. command southwest of Kunduz province show that the good intentions of NATO forces in Afghanistan are not sufficient. If we want to avoid killing innocent civilians, we must end the war,” said Kucinich.

After two fuel tankers were reportedly stolen by Taliban insurgents, a U.S. airstrike was carried out that took the lives of an unknown number of innocent Afghans.

The innocent appear to have been in harm’s way because the Taliban encouraged them to siphon off the fuel in the trucks which were immobilized in mud. The free fuel would be a natural draw to the citizens, given the level of poverty in the area. Corruption plaguing Afghanistan has ensured very little aid gets to Afghans in need.

“The NATO command claims to have checked for civilian presence before authorizing the air strike. When deadly force is used at high altitudes at high speeds, there is an even greater moral responsibility to be absolutely certain that no civilians will become casualties of military action.

“There is little hope for a truly independent investigation because the Karzai Government is compromised and NATO forces are digging in for the long term based on the Administration’s policy. The war in Afghanistan is quickly developing into a tragedy of monumental proportions. It is time for the U.S. to end this war and bring our troops home.”


NATO air raid kills ‘100 civilians’ in Afghanistan

8 thoughts on “Kucinich Condemns NATO Strike in Afghanistan

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  4. How anyone can confuse World War 2 with wars on weak, poor Third World nations like Vietnam, Iraq, Panama, Grenada and Afghanistan is utterly beyond my comprehension. Germany was an advanced industrialized nation with modern weapons like aircraft, submarines, warships and tanks. They shot down many American bombers and fighters. Guerrilla fighters can’t do this. If Germany hadn’t sent millions of its finest soldiers into the Soviet Union and suffered 80% casualties, the United States would have been on the battlefields of Western Europe a lot longer and the advent of the atomic bomb would have meant a catastrophe, not only for Japan, but western Europe as well. A “war on terrorism” makes no logical sense. One can’t wage a war on a tactic of war.

  5. I am so glad people like Kucinich were not around during WWII. If there were any, they certainly were not given any credibility.
    Why is it so difficult for this kinda mentality to understand that we want to win with strength and put the terrorists on notice.
    We have emasculated the USA-and a little machizmo never really hurts.
    I liked John Wayne. We need to have some real men around.
    All whining and moaning and wringing of hands disgusts me.

    • If kucinich was around during WWII, perhaps we could have gotten allies to put a blockade on Germany and avopded millions of death. maybe not, but WWII is always used as the antithema, the “good war” and there is no such thing. If wars must be fought, in self defense , we could use alot LESS machismo and alot more diplomacy.

      You are mistaken if you believe that “strength” is bombing civiliians

      It seems you like your machismo FAUX, as with JOhn Wayne, George Bush II or Dick Cheney. These guys NEVER spill their blood over any of these coporate wars and actually earn money.

      Everyone who disagrees with you is not ‘whining” and I am tired of hearing that. Cold War era militarism has got to go , unless you like the idea of Third World status.

      “As the majority of male leads left Hollywood to serve overseas, John Wayne saw his just-blossoming stardom at risk. Despite enormous pressure from his inner circle of friends, he put off enlisting. Wayne was exempted from service due to his age (34 at the time of Pearl Harbor) and family status, classified as 3-A (family deferment). Wayne’s secretary recalled making inquiries of military officials on behalf of his interest in enlisting, “but he never really followed up on them.”[26] He repeatedly wrote to John Ford, asking to be placed in Ford’s military unit, but continually postponed it until “after he finished one more film.”[27] Republic Studios was emphatically resistant to losing Wayne, especially after the loss of Gene Autry to the Army.[28]”

      If you want a military hero, get a real one.

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