Prosecuting Israel for war crimes + UN urges Israel ease Gaza siege for water crisis

September 04, 2009

Deputy Prosecutor of Int’l Criminal Court discusses the Palestinian Authority appeal to join the court


UN urges Israel ease Gaza siege for water crisis

September 05, 2009


Israelis restrict Palestinians’ water supply

One thought on “Prosecuting Israel for war crimes + UN urges Israel ease Gaza siege for water crisis

  1. I’m gonna go out on a limb on this one, and bet anyone who’s interested, that there will be no prosecuting of Israel for war crimes, or if there was a mere formality of start of court procedures, nothing will come out of it. Not because Israel isn’t guilty of the most heinous war crimes against humanity, for it’s as guilty as Hitler is with the Holocaust, and neither of these two cases need prosecution and courts to ascertain guilt. Nothing will come out of it due to Israel’s supporters’ overwhelming pull, influence and willingness to manipulate, lie and fabricate stuff – any stuff – to derail the proceedings and defuse the whole thing.

    No one in the world can manipulate things in the world like Israel and its cronies and agents can, and they’d do and say anything to prevent any judgment against Israel. Oh, of course the US will protest and condemn it too, support Israel like it were the 51st state or more, and will cry foul and shout bias against poor, innocent Israel.

    Israel has rewritten and redefined, in a most twisted manner, the meaning of the word justice, where the fascist oppressors, pillaging occupiers and psychotic murderers will claim being the innocent, real victims, and that Israel is but a whole-heartedly peace-loving nation that wants to give Palestinians back their land, and is trying hard to negotiate with the Palestinians in good faith, and the mighty, scary, heavily armed Palestinians want nothing but the total annihilation of Israel.

    Another horrible travesty of justice is about to be carried out soon with this charade and Palestinian will come out of it, yet again, empty handed, if not worse. Nowadays, when helpless David meets US-backed Goliath, Goliath always wins.

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