A Conversation with Honduras President Zelaya + Mr. Zelaya goes to Washington


Center for Economic and Policy Research
George Washington University – Latin American and Hemispheric Studies Program
1 hour, 21 minutes
Washington, DC, United States

Deposed Honduran President Zelaya spoke about the political situation in Honduras and U.S.-backed efforts to negotiate a solution to the turmoil caused by a coup that had ousted him from power. He spoke about his plans to return and called on the United States to match its strong words of condemnation for the coup with actions. In his remarks he urged the Obama administration to cut off tens of millions of dollars in assistance to the de facto government and freeze the visas and assets of those involved in plotting his overthrow. Following his speech he answered questions from the audience. In Spanish with voiceover translation.

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Mr. Zelaya goes to Washington

September 06, 2009

Ousted Honduran President brings his story to DC, gets a deceptive response from US State Dept. and gives a short democracy lesson to a Capitol City audience.


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  1. The overthrow of Zeleya never would have happened without the support of the CIA. The uS needs to get out of and staty out of the foreign and internal affairs of other countries. All the inteventions do is create ill will for the US What

    China is doing in terms of negotiating and investing in Africa should be a model for US foreign policy.

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