Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment: Joe Wilson, You’re Wrong!

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September 10, 2009

On the night after Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You Lie” at President Obama during an address to Congress, Keith Olbermann devotes a “Special Comment” to the Congressman, and mocked his apology.

“You embarrassed your district, you embarrassed your nation… and you were wrong!”

Olbermann said “Wrong-Way Wilson” “made himself look like an uninformed eight-year-old screaming at an adult.”

He also comments on how “stupid” certain Republican talking heads have made the party look. “The time has come to rise up and take this country back, to again make it safe for people who actually completed the seventh grade.”

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6 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment: Joe Wilson, You’re Wrong!

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  4. Nothing changed. We already know Keith dances for his corporate masters at MSNBC and we all know that insurance stocks went through the roof after Obama’s speech. Can we put it together or are we that stupid?
    Joe Wilson’s not even an issue. He’s a distraction.
    But when we’re all screwed over and the corporations are richer, remember that you cheered Corporate Toad Keith as he went after some minor player all the while distracting you from the grand theft taking place.

  5. One of his best. Spot on- the culture has changed-Wilson just the latest outward manifestation of the inability of republicans to accept the changing demographics of this country and the fact that we are not as great as Europe or Canada w/ re to healthcare.

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