Mad as Hell Docs Head to Salt Lake City

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09.11.2009 by Elizabeth Ziegler

(KCPW News) A group of Oregon physicians is on a road trip to the nation’s capital to gather support for a single payer health care system. These “mad as hell doctors” will be in Salt Lake City tomorrow. KCPW’s Elizabeth Ziegler spoke to one of the doctors yesterday from his Portland, Oregon, office: Dr. Paul Gormon.

Dr. Paul Gormon is part of The Mad as Hell Doctors road trip, which stops in Salt Lake City tomorrow at 3 p.m. in the Main City Library’s fourth floor conference room. There will be a presentation on single payer health care, then they’ll collect stories from the audience to post on their Web site,


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  2. Ride on Mad As Hell Doctors! Waking the sleeping giant, when the truth about our health care crisis is told will shake the ground we walk on. The Internet coupled with your RV driving into towns large and small nationwide will help folks wrap their minds around the misinformation and deception of how health insurance works in the U.S.of A really works… for the CEOs and stockholders, not the patients.

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