Tax Myths

July 22, 2009



Free Market Myths

2 thoughts on “Tax Myths

  1. Sometimes the tax revenue is a very scary thing for us. Because we have to get out some extra cash. However, the tax is very important to support the development of a country. Thank you for telling this good info.

  2. There is oe blaring error here. In 1950 taxes on corporations provided approximately 45% of the natioal budget. They now grudgingly contribute 6 to 9%.

    Also, money spent on defense (a huge part of the budget) does not have the multiplier effect that money spend on social and infrastructure programs provides.

    The middle class and working class feel they are paying more in taxes, because they have to work more and more just to stay even. Forget about getting ahead. Inflation has been insidious over the last 50 years.

    Alleged “Privatization” is just aother way of adding more extremely expensive overhead, and further concentrates wealth into fewer hands. This is being done by a corrupt Congress and Administration at the bidding of corporate lobbyists.

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