“The ‘Real’ Zeitgeist Challenge” Debunked – Peter Joseph interviews Acharya S

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Note: replaced video Mar. 6, 2011

The “Real” Zeitgeist Challenge Debunked (full video)

on Dec 29, 2010

Chris White debunks a recent interview that Peter Joseph The director of the Zeitgeist Movie does with Acharya S (or Dorthy D.M. Murdock) the main source for the movies claims about Jesus.

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Chris Hedges: War exposes the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves

Who Would Jesus Bomb?

War Is Sin by Chris Hedges (transcript)

With Chris Hedges
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September 13, 2009

Chris Hedges, author of Empire of Illusion, joined the “Shut Down the Army Experience Center” demonstration and gave a powerful speech to the crowd before we marched in the mall.

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Times columnist David Brooks exposes “left” supporters of Obama health plan

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By Joe Kishore
12 September 2009

Conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks, a fairly conscious representative of his class, is among the more perceptive commentators in the bourgeois media. Writing primarily for the benefit of the political and corporate elite, Brooks often attempts to cut through the fog of lies used by politicians to sell their reactionary agendas to the public in order to explain what is really going on to those who need to know.

Brooks’ column on Friday (“The Dime Standard”) is a case in point. It is full of praise for Obama’s health care speech on Wednesday, correctly analyzing its right-wing character. As such, it is a devastating exposure of Obama’s “left” supporters in publications such as the Nation, which are doing their part to sell Obama’s proposals to the American people.

“Obama delivered the finest speech of his presidency,” Brooks begins. “Best of all for those who admire the political craft,” he continues, “was the speech’s seductive nature and careful ambiguity. Obama threw out enough rhetorical chum to keep the liberals happy, yet he subtly staked out ground in the center on nearly every substantive issue in order to win over the moderates needed to get anything passed.”


via Times columnist David Brooks exposes “left” supporters of Obama health plan


Op-Ed Columnist – The Dime Standard – NYTimes.com


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