Gerald Celente: What’s next for America? Revolution!

September 14, 2009

Gerald Celente – the most trusted name in trends – sits down for an exclusive interview with RT’s Anastasia Churkina to talk about what the future holds for America during and after the Great Recession, gives advice to Obama, and forecasts the unexpected.


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4 thoughts on “Gerald Celente: What’s next for America? Revolution!

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  3. He correctly identifies his constituency of far-right libertarian lunatics. His identification of the left are wrong. Yes, the elements leaving the DP may feel betrayed but they are far from representing the true left. The true left are found in the socialist parties like PSL or SEP.

    Another point I think he’s mistaken in is calculating the economic crisis as purely a failure. To the contrary, we see the success of asset striping and structural adjustment with soon to be conditionalities.

    To conclude, I reject is far-right Libertarian perspectives as the solution.

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