Kucinich: The Incredible Disappearing Public Option it’s Insurance Care instead of Health Care

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So sorry that the audio sucks.  What Kucinich has to say is important, we need a mass movement for Single Payer Medicare for All, HR 676.

September 16, 2009

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Roy Rogers’ Horse Saves Health Care

by Dennis Kucinich
Tuesday, 16 September 2009

The Senate cannot pass a health care bill with a public option. The House cannot pass a bill without one. The public wants a public option. The insurance industry wants a private mandate. The White House is in trouble on this and is calling upon the Senate to find a way out of this dark passage.

So, Boys and Girls, return with us now as the Senators will take a page from out of the old West. They are going to do what cowboy hero Roy Rogers did when he got in a jam: Call for Trigger, the Golden Palomino. Trigger, the trusty steed who rode to glory against those phantom cattle rustlers who sold insurance against physical harm, provided however that the small town marks bought the stolen beef.

In this scene Trigger will come off his mount of glory at the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in Branson, Missouri and gallop to the mount of glory on Capitol Hill, rear up a dazzling 24ft, and by his sheer electrifying presence rescue the US Senate and the Administration from today’s rustlers.

It is Washington, DC, so they promptly slap on a confused Trigger a corporate blanket with corporate logos from insurance companies: Pre-Existing Trigger. Lower Cost Trigger. Patient Access Trigger. The Senators will jump on this horse and ride straight for the sunset. Giddy-up Trigger, past that broken down Public Option dray horse. Gallop into the conference committee with full force. Charge!

I am carried away by prospect of rescue by the one horse I can believe in. Sadly, Trigger will never save us from the rustlers. He’ll just stand there, mounted, in all of his spectacular equine power ever poised to spring into action, ever ready to hustle out the rustlers, or something like that.

Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “Kucinich: The Incredible Disappearing Public Option it’s Insurance Care instead of Health Care

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  2. Thumbs up for Roy Rogers.

    We should allow medicare for all.
    If the government denies all access to health care for some people, it will bring more harm than benefit in the end.

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