Robert Fisk lashes out at West in Middle East

September 16, 2009

Our exclusive interview goes to the heart of the Middle East issue, which is constantly in focus.

RT’s Peter Lavelle spoke to Robert Fisk in Lebanon, who’s one of the most renowned journalists and authors on the subject.

2 thoughts on “Robert Fisk lashes out at West in Middle East

  1. Great guy and a brilliant journalist who dares to tell the truth of the matter, candidly, about the real issues, and causes of the conflict in the Middle East. But they don’t listen, the elected politicians and bureaucrats that is, because it kind of bothers their conscience, dignity and self-respect to hear the truth, which exposes their complicity in this historical travesty of justice perpetrated, for decades, by the West. And when they happen to listen, they turn their faces away, ignore the subject and hope it would go away, because they know what they are risking, the wrath they may endure and the price they may have to pay, if they followed their conscience and told the truth, like Fisk does.

    The truth that Fisk spoke of isn’t a secret, and most politicians know every thing they need to know about this conflict, except they don’t have the courage to speak out and take a stand against Israel and its 60 years of atrocious crimes against the Palestinians.
    They have neither the courage nor the power to do much about it, or at least that’s what they convince themselves with to justify to themselves their inaction, passivity and complicity. Even Obama himself seems to be helpless and unable to affect any real changes in the situation there, and he will carry on with the same lame rhetoric and empty promises, like all those who came before him, and were unable to pressure Israel to negotiate on good faith, compromise, and make real peace with the Palestinians. He just risks too much, if he seriously tried to pressure Israel, and his party can’t afford the wrath of the formidable Zionist lobby in Washington.

    The world has never, throughout its history, had such a so obvious case of injustice and land stealing, and yet was so helpless and unable to do any thing about it.

    Nothing lasts forever, and things are bound to change, sooner or later, but in this case, it looks like it’s going to be much later, than sooner, for the Palestinians to get any justice; but they will, eventually, but after much more blood had been shed on both sides and God knows where else in the world.

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