Real “Norma Rae” Dies of Cancer After Insurer Delayed Treatment

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by Sue Sturgis | Facing South
t r u t h o u t
Monday 14 September 2009

The North Carolina union organizer who was the inspiration for the movie “Norma Rae” died on Friday of brain cancer after a battle with her insurance company, which delayed her treatment. She was 68.

Crystal Lee Sutton, formerly Crystal Lee Jordan, was fired from her job folding towels at the J.P. Stevens textile plant in her hometown of Roanoke Rapids, N.C. for trying to organize a union in the early 1970s. Her last action at the plant — writing the word “UNION” on a piece of cardboard and standing on her work table, leading her co-workers to turn off their machines in solidarity — was memorialized in the 1979 film by actress Sally Field. The police physically removed Sutton from the plant for her action.


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2 thoughts on “Real “Norma Rae” Dies of Cancer After Insurer Delayed Treatment

  1. Couldn’t the producers of Norma Rae, who made millions off the movie about her life have picked up the tab while the insurance company was delaying? Couldn’t all these “socialist ” Hollywood movie stars who cry crocodile tears about the plight of the poor and oppressed done something to alleviate her distress? No, because greed overrules everything else in the good ole USA.

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