What We Can’t Conquer, We Buy By Siv O’Neall

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By Siv O’Neall
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
September 25, 2009

Lunacy is ruling the world. Eternal wars, environmental damage, neglect of the common people, are all proof of the total lack of common sense. The ever-increasing movement towards inequality and the gradual strangling of democracy are signs that people matter no more. Culture has been replaced by the accumulation of material goods. Information has turned into mass propaganda. The truth is of no significance. Greed has won out over humane instincts of solidarity. Individualism (read: selfishness) is the creed of this age and sharing and caring have gone out the door. Governments try to make fear and hatred the ruling instincts of the masses and the Other must be seen as the enemy. The general apathy and ignorance that is typical for the average citizens of most countries add to the ease with which the people can be kept blind and deaf to what is going on around them. And thus they also become easy victims of nationalistic propaganda.

Wars make the Other into a sub-human being

The policies of the United States from the very beginning of the colonial days down through the centuries of heedless murder and takeover of lands belonging to foreign countries and to native Americans have always been greedy, callous and self-righteous.

The people in power decide that their country has to go to war for conquest and increased power, wars to dominate, to oppress, to minimize people who are different from us. And the ‘enemy’, the people who are sacrificed on the altar of greed, are always depicted as inferior, as barely human.

The propaganda machine gets turned on and the ‘Gooks’, the ‘terrorists’ or whatever name they may have been labeled with, are now seen as not really worth humane treatment. The death of a ‘Gook’ or the suffering of a ‘terrorist’ is of no importance. The term ‘collateral damage’ for the deaths of civilians in the enemy country is a clear sign that those uncivilized people are of no importance.

The Main Stream Media go along with this belief by not mentioning the numbers of enemy deaths. Even the deaths of our own people are insignificant and the numbers weren’t even published during the war in Iraq until they somehow became so openly known in spite of the hushing-up, that it became impossible even for the MSM to ignore the fact that U.S. military were dying in huge numbers. Internet sites posted the increasing numbers of U.S. dead day by day until they became common knowledge. They were OUR people so the leaders had to at least pretend some concern. But deep down it didn’t really matter. Those kids were mostly from poor families and limiting the number of poor people in the world is one of the major goals set by the wealthy elite. The people at the top are of course immune to any danger of becoming the victims of wars or of the gradual destruction of the environment. Or so they think.

Purported reasons for wars vary all the time, but the true reason is always greed. Selling the wars is made possible by creating mass hysteria and the firmly rooted and constantly repeated theory that the U.S. is threatened by inferior people only worthy of being obliterated. Millions and millions of Americans lap up the propaganda: white skin good, dark skin bad.

The outcome of all this century-long propaganda is that the average U.S. citizen actually believes that they are in fact superior to all other nations. God made them unique. ‘Commies’ kept making excellent targets even as late as Ronald Reagan’s criminal interventions in Central America, the covert war on the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, the support of the death squads in El Salvador and Honduras and even the invasion of little Grenada under the phoniest of pretexts. A war was needed to make Reagan’s sinking ratings go up, so a war was staged. And it worked. Again and again and again it works and the people never get wise. It was their right and duty to defend their country from ‘Commies’ who were out to conquer the world and destroy the superior values of the free American people.

When other made-up reasons for invading Iraq were finally shown up to be all lies invented by the crooked administration, people were made to believe, once again, that the U.S. needed to save the world from infidels and uncivilized creatures who didn’t share our Western values and culture.

United States moral superiority has become dogma

The Neocons set an indelible mark on U.S. warfare. Their carefully constructed plan was made public through the think tank ‘Project for the New American Century’ (PNAC, founders – neoconservatives William Kristol and Robert Kagan). It formally dated from 1997 but had been in the scheming process since the days of Ronald Reagan. According to PNAC “American leadership is both good for America and good for the world”. These worthies supported a policy of superior military strength and what they euphemistically called ‘moral clarity’. In their hammer-style and scarily successful propaganda the word ‘moral values’ at home was repeated ad nauseam to cover up the vicious nature of their program of global military and economic domination abroad. They had to convince the world, and of course their own country, that they were the superior moral force on the planet. The U.S. megalomania had reached a new height.

This ‘moral clarity’ would bring the United States to increase their military bases all over the planet and to confirm their power in islands of concentrated U.S. presence in the most gigantic embassies anywhere in the world. The first one in Central Asia was in Baghdad, but it is now being followed by equally city-like walled-in fortresses in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Their military bases now number 737 [1] spread over 130 countries on all five continents with 325,000 US military personnel [2] .

These neoconservative pillars of a U.S. Empire under construction were totally void of any realistic thinking or human concerns. They were playing a huge game and all they were concerned with was winning that game – at any cost. Their main goals are summed up by Global Research in “The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases – The Global Deployment of US Military Personnel” by Jules Dufour – as follows:

“Major elements of the conquest and world domination strategy by the US refer to:

“1) the control of the world economy and its financial markets,

“2) the taking over of all natural resources (primary resources and nonrenewable sources of energy). The latter constitute the cornerstone of US power through the activities of its multinational corporations.

“Geopolitical Outreach: Network of Military Bases

“The US has established its control over 191 governments which are members of the United Nations. The conquest, occupation and/or otherwise supervision of these various regions of the World is supported by an integrated network of military bases and installations which covers the entire Planet (Continents, Oceans and Outer Space). All this pertains to the workings of an extensive Empire, the exact dimensions of which are not always easy to ascertain.”

War is the Siamese twin of Corporatism

Ever-lasting wars and unregulated capitalism are the two arms of the same monster. The Free Market is the war backed up by a hidden armory that enables Big Capital to go on plundering the rest of the world. Washington today still seems to believe that anything is for theft, for sale or for conquest. The country has been blinded ever since the success of the Marshall plan after WWII into believing that anything can be bought. And that funds are limitless. The enormous deficit does not seem to bother them seriously. China and Japan and other countries own a huge part of the U.S. economy and Washington sees them as their friendly creditors, a financial interdependence having developed that the leaders seem to believe is here to stay. And the game goes on. More military bases in Colombia, more money to military intervention in Afghanistan which is of course not a war, according to the present administration, but rather a helping hand. The fact that there are ulterior motives for the U.S. not to abandon Afghanistan is of course not even referred to. The hyperbole is that U.S. military are in the country to make it more ‘civilized’ and ‘democratic’, to free the Afghan women who are forced to wear burkas by the Taliban and who have no right to get an education. The truth is though that democracy and justice have gone out the door, if they ever existed. As soon as corporatism takes over it’s the death of democracy.

Hypocrisy and megalomania

Since United States citizens have constantly been bombarded with self-righteous talk about their moral superiority as well as their military/economic invincibility, it did not occur to them at first that their leaders may be inventing a world image that did not correspond to reality. It was a given that all nations outside of the U.S. borders were of little importance. The superior power of their own country, the right of U.S. military to interfere wherever greed took their country was taken for granted. They were always morally right and they were invincible. So they thought.

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1992, it became easier than ever to convince the people of the worldwide power of the United States of America. Nothing could now stand in their way. Therefore, the only thing that was missing at the beginning of this century was an enemy. Then came September 11 and the whole stage underwent a complete rearrangement. One scheme was born after the other. Alongside with Afghanistan and then, later on, Iraq, military bases were installed in a number of countries, which had formerly been part of the Soviet Union. The planning went well to begin with, but more and more those countries started to become wary of the U.S. Empire and a competition for the favors of the ‘Stans’ is becoming increasingly heated between the U.S. and Russia. The U.S. builds a conclave in one country and is kicked out of another one.

The geopolitical situation today

What the U.S. can’t conquer, they buy. For decades the United States has been paying billions to countries like Israel, Turkey, Egypt and of course now Pakistan, among others. Strategic countries must be kept as friends and ultimately the United States must be able to take over the natural resources of the whole Middle East and Central Asia region.

They actually seem to believe that they can have friendly relations with India, Pakistan and China, all at the same time, which in view of the long-term hostility between India and the other two countries seems to most of us to be pure fantasy.

Even with the economic crisis threatening to subject the whole country to a complete meltdown, the new administration is still playing the game as if it could get friendly with countries like India and China while at the same time they are invading or, as they claim, peacefully taking over countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. The fact that the real reason for never giving up on Afghanistan is the vital importance that is given to the pipeline that will give the Unites States access to natural gas from the Caucasian region is of course a badly kept secret for those who keep their eyes open. Getting access through Iran is obviously seen as unrealistic, even by the fantasists in Washington The long-time competition between Russia and the U.S. for military bases in the countries along the southern border of Russia concerns nothing else than the control of oil and gas exports from the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea basin.

Reality counts for nothing. The whole imperial agenda seems to Washington to be played out like a video game. The fact that Afghanistan has never been conquered by any nation since the Mongol invasion under Genghis Khan in 1219 – 1221 does not seem to bear any reality for the U.S. fantasists. The British tried and lost, the Soviet Union tried and lost and Washington is still refusing to see their Mission Impossible for what it is.

As far as Pakistan is concerned, Washington still imagines that they can be seen as the Big Brother who has come to mend a torn country. They are the friendly nation builders who will win over the people and get rid of the feared Taliban and all the various groups of religious fanatics and different shades of jihadists who are holed up in the mountainous areas in the west of Pakistan. But they never asked the people what they wanted. It turns out that a vast majority of Pakistanis want more than anything else to see the Americans leave. They see them as colonizers, not as a helping hand to mend a torn country. This is not surprising after the drone bombings of the mountainous regions in the West, started by President Obama very early on in his presidency.

Changes at home

Washington’s major goal is to keep everybody else from getting the upper hand on the income from the precious oil and the general control of the region. As a result American citizens, suffering from the effects of the financial crisis, see their lives and livelihoods being shattered, while their tax money goes to the upkeep of client states that will serve as buffers against countries that threaten U.S. domination of Central Asia, in particular Iran. It’s all about control. Controlling the whole world, even if it takes making newly Capitalist China a friend. Which no one else has ever managed to do.

Even though U.S. citizens are propagandized to believe in the infallibility of their country, it is still possible that the light of reason and truth is beginning to seep through the cracks in the walls of secrecy. The present-day wars are becoming less and less supported by the people, for whatever reason, and we might finally begin to ask ourselves how much longer they will put up with the megalomania of the administration and the outrageous corruption of the members of Congress without which the war machine would have come to a halt a long time ago. And it may never have taken on its present proportions at all if it had not been for the powerful lobbies of the arms industry.

Many Europeans were deluded into believing that President Obama was going to change the fundamental position of the United States in the world, as were of course most of the U.S. citizens who voted for him. However, all we are seeing is the same unilateralism and the same imperial agenda as under the previous administration.

Where are the people who should be banging pot lids in the streets and causing such mayhem that the hypocritical and corrupt leaders would have to listen?


[1] 737 U.S. Military Bases = Global Empire, by Chalmers Johnson, excerpted from Chalmers Johnson’s new book, “Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic” (number of bases in 2005). On July 3, 2009 the number of bases is cited as 800 by Chalmers Johnson

[2] How many military bases do we have around the world? – May 14, 2009 by Dusty

© Copyright 2009 by AxisofLogic.com

Siv O’Neall is an Axis of Logic columnist, based in France. Her insightful essays are republished and read worldwide. She can be reached at siv@axisoflogic.com. Read her Biography and more of her articles on Axis of Logic.

6 thoughts on “What We Can’t Conquer, We Buy By Siv O’Neall

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  2. Thank you, Siv for speaking for so many of us who also feel your perplexed dismay at the ‘lunacy’ we see going on around us.

    I love your writing and your website, thank you!

    I believe it will take a true crisis for the mass of people to wake up to their empowerment, for them to discover the will to change things and end this madness.

    It is when people are against the wall and hit bottom, that they are shaken from their complacency .

    Will no longer comfort themselves with the spoon-fed lies that the plutocracy uses to have free rein in pursuing a power-hungry agenda that is mind-boggling in its deadly polluting dehumanizing exploitation and lack of compassionate decency.

    The Empire is going to crash. We need to be ready!

    I also think this article is very poignant in showing us everything thats WRONG with the Left in America today, and I say this with total respect for Siv’s intelligence and sincerity. I love her writing!


    Siv says it herself in her response above and this is the heart of my point:

    We on the Left need to stop wearing our moral outrage like a badge of honor.

    Too many people on the Left seem to take moral outrage as a goal unto itself.

    Too many Americans hear us only saying “America is bad bad bad..it has always been bad bad bad..we suck..its all bad bad bad…’

    This is what marginalizes us. This is why we are seen as cynical and whiny and why our thoughts and politicians and books are minimized as distractions–we just ‘dont get it’ and we’re ‘America bashers’ and ‘fringe intellectuals’ and ‘what about all the good America does…”.

    We need to change that perception.

    We live in a country where people who put a magnetic ribbon with Support the Troops on their car are ‘patriotic’ and anyone calling themselves a socialist is somehow not.

    We need to change that and be ready when the opportunity presents itself, which it will, soon.

    Here’s a great example:

    A very well-done short film was posted here not long ago about the vampire-nature of corporate capitalism as it exists today, very nicely done, but in it the young man says: “America’s Founding Fathers were just a bunch of rich white guys who wanted a bigger share of the pie and nothing changed much for anybody else.’

    See what I mean? Are you KIDDING?

    This is our problem, this knee-jerk ‘America bad bad bad’ nonsense.

    Did this young man actually read the writings of Jefferson? Paine? Does he know what the Enlightenment was? The Freemasons?

    When’s the last time the King’s soldiers bashed your door in and hauled you away?

    These rich white guys presented the greatest act of empowerment to- the- people in modern history, it’s called a voting booth.

    Constitution’s a pretty neat document too, ever read it?

    See, that’s my point…so many of us marginalize ourselves in our outrage and anger, and this alienates us from many people who, then, sheep-like, listen to the propoganda nonsense and actually believe it. And ignore us.

    They BELIEVE it because they DONT take us seriously! And it’s this pious moral outrage and bad bad bad song that does that.

    We need to get smarter about how we speak and how we listen…we need to understand that any change will rise up from below, and we need to speak to voters in a language they understand and will listen to.

    The Leftist heroes who organized the labor unions understood this.

    And some voices today do too. Rachael Maddow, Dennis Kucinich.

    We are cut from the same cloth as the French who tossed Louis and his Court out the window and the rabble who tossed the Brits out in the U.S.

    WE ARE THE PATRIOTS! And we need to start acting and talking that way.

    The greatest patriots in America today will stand against the plutocracy and it’s brutal killing machines of Empire.

    Another great example:

    Okay so this young sincere college kid at a town meeting on health care last summer says: “corporations and competition are what make our health care in the US. the best in the world and lead to innovation and new treatments. The government will create a bureaucracy that will decide everything, create death panels, lead to shortages and long lines, and raise taxes and make us dependent on bureaucrats.”

    How many times have you rolled your eyes at that song?

    This coming from a young man who probably went to a public school, probably attends a public university, probably mails letters at a post office that works just fine, probably has a grandparent on Medicare…you see?

    Who possibly had a grandparent in a labor union…who may have a old school friend ‘be all he can be’ and then die in these wars of conquest…who whines about taxes for health care not realizing his taxes today support military might and corporate monopolies and profiteering and exploitation and greed that is mind-boggling…who will have to struggle to have the middle class life he’s accustomed to, because, hey kid, the rich guys run the show and now they want to OWN the world.

    Why isnt he and millions like him LISTENING to us?

    Why has he bought into the propoganda and lies and why isn’t he aware that’s what they are?

    Why arent young people like him listening to us?

    Why doesn’t he realize single-payer is simply US taking care of US in our communities?

    You want to shake him by his lapels and yell: “Dont you GET it??”

    Perhaps in part not enough people listen because we are marginalizing ourselves with our anger and our outrage and our condemnation.

    We on the Left need to realize that when the Empire crashes–and it will–it is our time of greatest potential to change things.

    More people will be angry. Disenchanted. Outraged. Poor, homeless, dismayed.

    And when the Empire crashes as it must, we need to tell a story that they will listen to.

    I believe the best way is via a third-party that synthesizes the best of the Libertarians with the best of the Left…and leaves the America-bashing behind.

    We need to make friends with the Libertarians who believe in limited government and adherence to the Constitution and state’s rights and no foreign wars.

    We too are the most patriotic Americans involved today in public discourse.

    Not the jingoistic nonsense, not the Goebbels-like propoganda spins….US!

    For every Cheney, there is a Kucinich. For every Pelosi, there is a Sheehan. For every Baucus, there is a Saunders or a Paul. For every Coulter, there is Siv and many like her.

    So let’s stop the bad bad bad stuff, and let’s make friends with the Libertarian aganda and form a third-party that synthesizes the best of both.

    Lets stop our outrage and get busy!

    When we today stand against these wars and horror, this corporate looting of the treasury, this plutocracy and ‘globalization’ (another word for empire), this brutal exploitation of the Third World, this propoganda machine…WE are the patriots.

    Thank you.

  3. Every thing has its breaking point, including the masses. They’ve proven to be quite tolerant, patient and subservient to injustice inflicted upon them, but up to a point, which varies from people to people, where they get to the boiling point of “enough is enough”.

    Educating the masses and making them aware of their bitter reality, and the depth and breadth of the increasing disparity between the haves and the have nots, will undoubtedly speed up sorely needed changes and actions that can alter the desperate and sad reality they live in, day in day out. Hunger has proven to be another powerful motivator that can bring the house down on the heads of the super greedy, and there are billions around the world that are either hungry or eat and survive on day to day basis.

    One thing about the filthy rich and super greedy is that their insatiable psychological hunger and greed tend to blind them from the dangers of the destitute, hungry, desperate and hopeless, who have not much to lose, rising and revolting against the cruel system that is designed, by the rich, to primarily make the rich richer and the poor poorer, regardless of what circumstances seem to be transpiring in the world.

    Much has to change in the world, as it is set up now, and concepts like the cleverly-masked monster we euphemistically call globalization and Reagan’s infamous trickle-down economics, which, in reality, only serve and benefit the mega multi-national corporations and the super-rich few, who control every thing, at the expense of the vast majority of the world’s population, must be restructured into a more equitable and fair system that has a different set of priorities that are based on dignity, fairness, justice, equal chance and opportunity to people and countries who have been deprived of even the chance to change, improve and compete in this world. Unless, by some miracle, this happens, the future will be nothing short of grim, and upheaval will ensue, in forms and shapes that will be far from pleasant for all involved, the results of which no one can predict, or control.

  4. Absolutely right. Moral condemnation is not really productive. Educating the masses should be the first step towards a solution of the sad state of things we see around us today. A total remaking of the U.S. election system might help get that country at least on a level with the vaguely socialized countries in Europe. Heaven knows that politics sorely need remaking but who is going to take the first step when we the people are apathetic and ignorant of the power we actually could have. If we cared enough.

  5. We have yet to hear the chant from the streets, Obama, how many lives have you helped destroy with war? We should call upon the courage and antiwar chants from the 1960’s against the Vietnam war. Where is the outrage today?

  6. ‘Greed’ is compulsory under capitalism; the altruistic go to the wall. Moral condemnation, however apposite, will not shake the corporate capitalist throne. Don’t buy, don’t pay taxes, don’t work!

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