Protesters at the G20 in Pittsburgh + G20 Protest Assault and Arrest footage

September 24, 2009

I went out with some friends today and spent the entire day following the protests throughout the city. I used my Canon G10 to shoot photos and videos. i just want to say, i support and enjoy the right to assembly, but i also saw many childish acts today that overstep that right. i just want to share a different point of view.

higher res photos at flickr.…


G20 Protest Assault and Arrest footage of WeAreChange

September 29, 2009

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change gives an update of his encounters with the police and national guard at the Friday night g20 protest that took place at the University of Pittsburgh.


Wearechange schools Pittsburgh police on constitution @ G20 9/24/09


Cindy Sheehan Speaks at Pittsburgh G20 Protest

September 26, 2009


“Tell me what a Police State Looks Like” by Cindy Sheehan

Nearly 200 Arrested as Police Unleash Tear Gas, Sound Cannons at G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh