9/11 NYC Ballot Initiative March on City Hall by Eileen Coles

by Eileen Coles
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Oct. 1, 2009


NYCCAN’s March for Answers yesterday was to raise public awareness to the fact that despite 80,000 validated NYC resident signatures on their petition to put a vote for a new 9/11 investigation on November’s ballot, the City is moving to quash this effort. On Friday, Referee Louis Crespo issued his “report and recommendations” and recommended that the Court rule in favor of the City, which does not want to include this request on the ballot.

The march, organized in Battery Park, first came to Ground Zero to observe a moment of silence.


A decision on the matter is expected this week. NYCCAN marched yesterday to protest this attempt to silence the concerns of tens of thousands of New Yorkers as well as those of the watching world. The march gathered in Foley Square/Federal Plaza, where the decision will be made. Ironically it is the same place I was standing eight years ago when I saw the towers fall.


Yesterday I was one of the speakers for NYCCAN at City Hall. As a former member of the US military as well as the third generation of my family to serve the US military intelligence community, I feel strongly that the official story the Bush administration has propagated is a lie and that a new investigation is necessary. I am seen here speaking with Bob McIlvaine (left) and Manny Badillo (right), both of whom lost family members on 9/11.


Video of the speeches at City Hall.

September 27, 2009]

[Speakers at City Hall Park, September 2009 after a NYCAN march of hundreds from near Ground Zero, call for a truly independent NYC 911 Investigation Commission, honoring 80,000 signers of a petition for placement on the November 2009 ballot for creation of such a Commission. Speakers in order: Manny Badillo, 9/11 family member, member of Executive Council of NYCCAN; Chris Burke, 9/11 family member; Eileen Coles, whistleblower, 9/11 survivor; Jon Gold, blogger, researcher; Daniel Sunjata, “Rescue Me” on Fox; Bob McIlvaine, 9/11 family member; Ted Walter, Executive Director, NYC CAN.]

This morning WBAI’s Esther Armah interviewed myself and Bob McIlvaine about the reasons we believe a new 9/11 investigation is necessary. The interview segment runs from 37:05 to 46:19.

More pictures of the march here.

Please continue to support NYCCAN. If you haven’t signed the petition and are a resident of NYC, please do so. Survivors, first responders and those who lost family and friends can also sign a petition of support.

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