Hugo Chavez Addresses the U.N. General Assembly

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Dandelion Salad

Sept 24, 2009

58 min

C-SPAN Video Player – U.N. General Assembly Addresses

8 thoughts on “Hugo Chavez Addresses the U.N. General Assembly

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  4. Chavez speaks for many of us who are caught up in the web of banking cartels and the war machine. He gives us hope that there is a new world emerging, against great odds and coup attempts.

  5. Isn’t Chavez a very intelligent, well read man? He always has books with him and has read Karl Marx, Lenin, Noam Chomsky and a man, who in my ignorance, I haven’t yet read. He is completely honest and not duplicitous like so many of our politicians. He knows we have but a short time to solve the global warming crisis. Oh, how I wish we had a leader like Hugo Chavez.

  6. I watched this on CSPAN when they repeated it at 4 or 5 AM the other night, it followed the half hour address from Netanyahu (link is on the CSPAN page). The contrast of the two speeches is quite revealing, in my opinion. Doom and gloom from Netanyahu and optimism from Chavez.

  7. I seldom can make myself watch or listen to anthing 58 minutes long. In this case it was worthwhile. Chavez comes forth with a real sense of hope for the greater world by a decoupling of Latin America and other third world nations from the exploitative dominance of the US and most of the rich nations of the G20. His explanation of the need for socialism in the 21st century is compelling.

    His called on the one, the better side of Obama is biting and cynically effective in the demand that he live up to his rhetoric.

  8. Chavez, together with Ahmadinejad and Erdogan, are the most favourited foreign-leader here in our country. Their actions are often looked as balancing action over the domination of “the West”.

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