Larry King’s Interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (2009)

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The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejads incredible full interview on Larry King Live on 9/26/09. Topics include: President Obama, Nuclear weapons and compliance, Sanctions, Israel and military action, recent Iranian elections and protestors, the Holocaust and more..

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3 thoughts on “Larry King’s Interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (2009)

  1. I do not doubt for a second that the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews happened. The pictures, the witnesses, the evilness of the Nazi regime, the well documented books, and the fact that Jews and Slavs were worked to death in the factories of Krupp and I.G. Farben. I think what Ahmadinejad was asking is why the Jewish Holocaust should be used as an excuse for a Holocaust against Palestinians or why so much attention is paid to this particular European Holocaust. Turkey tried very hard to eliminate the Armenians as an ethnic group. Suharto succeeded in destroying the PKI, or Indonesian Communist Party, of several million people. Then, there is East Timor and the massive killing there. The Native Americans were almost completely destroyed as an ethnic group. There have been many colossal massacres in world history. Even Norman Finkelstein, who is Jewish, wonders why so much media attention is given to this particlular one and thinks the Zionist state of Israel is using it for its own interests. I believe he calls it a Holocaust industry.

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