61 arrested in protest at White House – What Happened to the First Amendment?

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October 06, 2009

An estimated 500 people gathered to protest as the Afghanistan war nears the start of its ninth year


Just a reminder:

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

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13 thoughts on “61 arrested in protest at White House – What Happened to the First Amendment?

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  2. rocket, I’m not going to read your post. I am too old and too been-around-the-block not to recognize an extremist who puts the constitution in the service of his ideology.

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  4. Center Square– read my article on this blog called ”the first amendment is in trouble again ”. it goes inot the bogus Holmes ct. ruling on crying fire , and how that was overturned, and other such abuses of the first amendment including the sedition act under Adams , Lincoln suspending it ,Mccarthism , etc.
    the whole point of the bill of rights is that it should not be in flux , nor should it be flexible . it means exactly what it says . once the powers that be move the goal post we are in trouble again . we must speak out .

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  6. @ rocket: We have a long history that says otherwise. The famous Holmes Supreme Court opinion from 90 years ago — about falsely shouting “Fire” in crowded theater — is a classic case in point. Slander and libel are examples of legal restrictions on free speech. The reason our Constitution has endured is because we understand it must flex, and not be taken to literally unreasonable extremes.

  7. you have th constitional right to say ANYTHING you want ANYWHERE you want , at ANYTIME . this includes crying fire in a crowded theatre.
    re-read the first amendment. it does not say where . its says to do it peaceably ( no violence). it does not say what you can or cannot say . it does not say where you can or cannot say it . period.
    what it says is that congress cannot prohibit your speech. period .
    the government cannot , in fact no body can infringe our freedom of speech . period .

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  11. Shaine, I have to disagree. We have never had the freedom to protest in close proximity to the president without following well-established procedures. I don’t think this an erosion of freedom; it is a consistent application of common sense that has been around forever.

  12. Just another incidence of the eroding lack of freedoms in the US. It also underscores the illegitamacy of the Obama Regime’s response. It insures that he will be a one term president. He is not responding to the people of the nation, but to big business.

  13. From the dawn of the constitution, we have always agreed as a nation that, while we are free to say WHAT we want, there can be reasonable safeguards on WHERE and WHEN we say it. There is no constitutional violation here.

    You have the constitutional right to say that Michelle Obama is hot; you do not have the constitutional right to slip into the White House and whisper it in her ear at night.

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