Actor Daniel Sunjata: 9/11 was an inside job. New investigation will reveal government cover-up

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[Note: Russia Today pulled the video.  When or if they replace it, I’ll post it here.  Sorry about that.]

Update: found the replacement and added Part 2 of the interview

October 06, 2009

In an exclusive interview with RT, “Rescue Me” Actor Daniel Sunjata explains his demand for a new 9/11 independent investigation. He says truth will reveal September 11th was an inside job.

Part 2 RT Exclusive: Actor Daniel Sunjata…9/11 was an inside job


9/11 NYC Ballot Initiative March on City Hall by Eileen Coles

NYCCAN Press Conference at City Hall + Testimony from 9/11 Survivor by Eileen Coles

6 thoughts on “Actor Daniel Sunjata: 9/11 was an inside job. New investigation will reveal government cover-up

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  4. I too am a believer that 9/11 was in fact,an inside job,and as I listen to Mr. Sunjata speak,some of the questions he asked pertaining to 9/11 have already been answered,although not to most people’s satisfaction. As to Building 7,I saw on PBS Frontline piece,how on camera,the man who owned the WTC,specifically told someone during a telephone conversation to,”Pull Building 7″,so,in other words,they felt it was necessary to bring Building 7 down theselves because it was structurally unsound. If he has’nt already,I would suggest that Mr. Sunjata Google-“Operation Clean Break”,which might answer a few more of his questions. The ‘Truth’ needs to come out and I do believe that in time,it will.

  5. Sunjata was AWESOME at the NYCCAN March. It was truly an honor to meet him. A very gifted communicator.

  6. He is right, but how many conspiracies conducted by the
    National Security Agency and CIA have gone for decades with no public disclosure and recognition. The US military establishment do not care how many US citizens they kill in order to follow their imperial ambitions. Look at the syphilis experiments, the people injected with plutonium, the soldiers forced to walk across ground zero after nuclear explosions, the down winders in Utah, the planned execution of Operation Northwoods, which would have killed Americans as an excuse to invade Cuba. Then, there are the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy and various members of the American Indian Movement and Black Panthers. These organizations had assassinated members like Anna Mae Aquash, the wife and three children of John Trudell, Richard Oaks and Black Panthers Mark Clark, Fred Hampton ,Bunchy Carter and Jon Huggins. Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal have been in jail on fake charges for decades. With the corporate media in the hands of those who want to keep all this quiet and label all those who question official government stories as “crazy conspiracy theorists,” it is going to be a gigantic task to question the official explanation of 9-11.

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