Michael Moore, Sean Hannity and Jesus

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October 07, 2009

Pt 2


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9 thoughts on “Michael Moore, Sean Hannity and Jesus

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  4. We are in the throes of restoring a Field of Ethics throughout our society. Ethics transcends Point of Law! Just because some behavior is legal does not mean it is ethical. Just because something can be done does not make the act ethical. Ethics is a quality of conduct that includes the welfare of both/all in each and every invention of the moment. “Rights” are that which we grant one another in any given moment.

    Michael Moore is not a capitalist; he is a creative, ethically-minded entrepreneur. In America we boast of competition as the essential driving force of creation. I believe our greatest, most humanitarian contributions are just that–contributions–acts that address a common good, not a self-aggrandizement venture. There is no one thing that identifies the personal worth of any one of us, least of all money!

    Inspiration is the gift; expression is the response-ability,

  5. Wasn’t this Moore’s lowest grossing effort ever? So much for Jesus the good kkkapitalist… what a silly farce amergaah is. Love it or leave it people.

  6. Every conservative thinks that charity is the answer to the world’s problems. Charity would be a drop in an immense bucket compared to the world’s problems. Capitalism is first robbing working people to a huge degree and then begging the capitalist to give back a dime to ease his conscience. If one took the trillions upon trillions the United States spends to make war and destroy the lives of innocent people and kill their children, and instead, spent it constructively on the severe problems the world faces, it would have a significant impact. But capitalism and imperialism are intricately connected, so this will not happen. The military industry and oil companies make too much money and they will assure this will not happen. Endless war and the capitalist’s drive for power and world hegemony will continue, until capitalism is destroyed, either by force or its own internal contradictions, or possibly, in a nuclear age, until the world is destroyed, and only insects, bacteria and viruses survive.

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