An Afghan message of peace to Obama, about our savage Afghan instincts

Dandelion Salad

October 06, 2009

An Afghan message of peace to Obama, about our savage Afghan instincts; and ‎timeless advice from the wall behind him

Please read our article at, as well as Ghandis and Martin ‎Luther Kings advice to Obama

Transcript of video

The dark, savage Afghan‎

Have you seen people who are very wild, dangerous & destructive?‎
Ive seen them, yes‎

What sort of people are these?‎
They are very angry people & they’re ruffians.‎

Some people here say that there are those who have become like animals. What does that ‎mean?‎
They are like animals because they are unethical & get furious‎

What does the insult become a human! mean?‎
The insult is for people who are naughty & dont follow human ways

You mean they are not humans?‎
They are humans but they do bad and naughty things.‎

Who do we call a war-monger?‎
Those who are constantly angry & can never be happy who frown (have sour-eyebrows ) a ‎lot.‎

What do they do when they get angry?‎
They throw everything everywhere, they kick & slap others.‎

Dont they fight? Of course, they fight.‎

How can Afghanistan become peaceful?‎
We need to act in truth.‎
We should not lie or cheat. Then, Afg can become peaceful.‎

The bright, civil Afghan‎


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