Israel’s nukes and Iran + What’s intelligence got to do with it?

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Updated: Oct. 11, 2009

October 09, 2009

Beneath the hype Pt.3: US intelligence experts Ray McGovern & Greg Thielmann weigh-in on the consequences of US silence regarding Israel’s nuclear weapons


Iran: What’s intelligence got to do with it?

Beneath the hype, Pt.4: Ray McGovern and Greg Thielmann discuss the disconnect between the intelligence community, the government, and the public. For more, visit


Beneath the hype: Is Iran close to nukes? Pt. 2

4 thoughts on “Israel’s nukes and Iran + What’s intelligence got to do with it?

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  4. The Halocaust and Iran: this has been constantly distorted by Israel. Iran has never denied the fact of what happened. It has asked why the other more than 5 million Nazi other victims are seldom mentioned, and why Palestine and the Palestinians, who nothing to with what the Nazis, did are suffering the brunt of a crime that happened in a different part of the world.

    Using the bible to justify the atrocieties of Israel doesn’t work, because God allegedly gave the same territory to the Jews, the Christians and the Moslems.

    Israel is the largest threat to peace in the Middle East, and has proved that over and over by continually attacking its neighbors in wars of aggression and expansion.

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