Moore vs Hannity Day 2: Health Care

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October 10, 2009

Here’s round two of Michael Moore on The Sean Hannity Show. It was recorded live-to-tape on the same day as round one of the showdown, but Hannity decided to break it into two separate shows. I suppose he likes to take his beatings piecemeal. Enjoy round two of the TV appearance that turned Fox News viewers against Sean Hannity.

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6 thoughts on “Moore vs Hannity Day 2: Health Care

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  4. What Moore and Hannity BOTH don’t understand is, not everyone makes as much money as them. Moore is a hypocrite because he’s now a millionaire and is attacking the system that made him wealthy. If he believes in being a bleeding heart, he should donate all his money to charity- then he’d have the faith of his convictions.

    Moore is ripping down a system that he enjoys and dines in, making him a millionaire.

    so his views don’t have bite

  5. It’s impossible to debate with people of Hannity’s mindset. They cherry pick the facts to conform with a preconceived idea, and ignore all data that does not support what they see in their mind.

    Why do they hate the government so much? A great comeback on Moore’s part/

    • Why did Hannity lie when he said Moore could have the last word?
      Why does he have guests when he won’t let them speak?
      Moore’s points made Hannity uneasy and dance to another soundbyte, changing the focus.
      Hannity is dictator of his show in the same darkness as Castro is of Cuba; The freedom stops when you disagree.

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