Travels of a Dedicated Peace Monger by Cindy Sheehan

By Cindy Sheehan
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Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
Oct. 10, 2009

I am up late in Sweden after spending 5 days here speaking at seminars and doing interviews.

I am heading back to the U.S. tomorrow and after a stop in Albuquerque, I will head back to my home in California on Monday.

I have been gone from the beautiful, yet broke, state of my birth for over 3 weeks now. This trip hasn’t been the longest one, or even most grueling one, but it has been eventful!

I left Sacramento Airport on Friday, September 18th early in the morning to fly to Dallas. There I once again, for the umpteenth time, protested George Bush at his Dallas home, with dozens of others, spoke at my radio station’s (Rational Radio) progressive forum (with Thom Hartmann and David Swanson), and snuck into an event at Texas Stadium where George Bush was speaking to young, impressionable students and barely missed confronting him, but got my pic taken with war-supporter Roger Staubach. Yep, that’s a pic of Roger and Me! I think he looks a little stunned, myself!

After Dallas, I headed to the G20 protest, where I was hit by an LRAD (LONG RANGE ACOUSTIC DEVICE), teargassed, and chased around Pittsburgh by US Stormtroopers there to protect the globalists meeting at the Convention Center from We the Peaceful. Pittsburgh showed me the actual and potential brutality of the Police State.

I was getting ready to go to Nevada to protest at the air force base from where many drone bombing missions are controlled, when I came down with some kind of yucky flu and had to go to the ER in Pittsburgh because I was having trouble breathing…yes, I have no health insurance…and I was trapped in a hotel room for 3 days before I felt strong enough to head down and over to our nation’s capital to participate in an anti-economic sanctions conference. In my opinion, sanctions are a WMD, and our Secretary of State has been threatening “crippling” ones against Iran. Sort of like the sanctions against Iraq that killed over one million children and were “worth it” to Madam Madeline Allbright.

St. Louis for a book event (Myth America), then back to the capital for an anti-war rally, where I joined hundreds of others and read the International People’s Declaration of Peace in front of the White House. Oh by the way, I also got arrested (pictured above) after I chained myself to the fence with activist Janine Boneparth from the Bay Area. So, hundreds of us protested the future Nobel Peace Laureate and that makes me wonder what that makes us? Anti-peace?

Anyway, here I am in Sweden, late Saturday night missing my grandson and my children and my dog and my cat and my own bed and looking forward to the birth of my granddaughter at the end of this month (an event that I will be present for).

Thank you for your love and support. My supporters help me get through the tough times and rejoice with me in the victories and the good times.

Now, we are planning the most ambitious and bold peace action ever in Washington DC beginning as soon as we have 5000 people sign up:

Peace of the Action!

With a Nobel Peace Laureate as our President, I think it’s time to strike while the iron is smoking hot!

Support our efforts for Peace. Click the Image


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2 thoughts on “Travels of a Dedicated Peace Monger by Cindy Sheehan

  1. Cindy Sheehan should have won the Nobel Peace Prize. At least she understands capitalism and knows that Obama is a war criminal and imperialist and is little different than George W. Bush. I just read an article by Michael Moore, who says give Obama more time and that he is a Democrat and wants to do good. Although Michael Moore has just made a movie about capitalism, he just does not really understand capitalism. The people who run this country would not allow a person who would really change things to obtain the reins of power. The Democrats and Republicans are funded by the same corporate entities. They want world corporate hegemony. Michael Moore is one deluded, naive dude if he thinks Democrats are going to change all that. Someone should send him the unabridged version of Das Kapital.

  2. Go Cindy..I wish i could be there..will be in Cleveland Oct 15th to do civil disobedience at an insurance industry building–not sure which one yet.

    I will check out the site for DC–if there are rides going there, alot more people could go..anybody know?

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