“Visions” by Cindy Sheehan

By Cindy Sheehan
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Oct. 10, 2009

Today, a President of the largest violently military empire in the world, won the Nobel Peace Prize while his nation is mired in wars in three countries where his actions have oftentimes made things worse.

Let’s also make this clear that the Nobel prizes are supposed to be awarded for work done the previous year (2008), so that means Obama was awarded the prize for campaigning for the presidency of the USA, where his “vision” (platform) was consistently pro-more war. The nominations are also due by February 1st. Ten days after the inauguration and about a week after a drone in Pakistan killed over 3 dozen innocent people.

He was awarded the prize for his “vision” for a “nuclear free world.”

Let’s examine this. Probably at least a few billion people on this planet have that same “vision” and I know thousands have been working on this “vision” for decades, beginning right around the time, the USA dropped two of the WMD on Japan.

I also have this “vision,” but my vision extends to include “conventional” WMD like bunker buster bombs, drone bombers, and white phosphorous: WMD that are being used in the Middle East right now.

I have the “vision” of a nuclear free world, but there are many of us savvy people who know that the USA has been waging a nuclear war in the Middle East for a couple of decades now at least with the low grade WMD of depleted uranium. The USA used DU in Kosovo and the Balkans, also.

We billions of us have the “vision” but only one person in this world has his finger on the triggers of almost 10,000 active nuclear weapons, and that is Barack Obama. You know, the one who was just awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and the one who has threatened Iran with military nuclear power if the leaders of that country even dare to get one atomic bomb.

Obama has the power, but his “vision” has not reduced the world’s nuclear arsenal by one bomb. However, his “vision” has so far been responsible for killing 300 US service member and thousands of the unfortunate inhabitants of the countries we are occupying and destroying.

Former Premier of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev and former President, Jimmy Carter were awarded the tainted Prize after Gorbachev bombed the Holy Crap out of Afghanistan and Carter’s regime’s covert support of the freedom fighters in Afghanistan gave rise to: Taliban, al Qaeda, War Lords and the Northern Alliance. So the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is sending the message to Afghanistan, that if anyone is responsible for killing mass amounts of them, then he will be awarded a Prize.

It’s true, Obama did not begin the wars, but he is sending more troops to all theaters. That doesn’t sound too peaceful to me. Torture, indefinite detention, “crippling sanctions,” threats towards Venezuela and Iran; silent support of a military coup that overthrew a democratically elected President in Honduras and so on, ad nauseum, are all the “accomplishments” of this Nobel Laureate.

I was tear-gassed and chased down by US stormtroopers in Pittsburgh for wanting to express my opinion when the leaders of the G20 were assembled a couple of weeks ago. I saw those same imperial stormtroopers shoot children with rubber bullets or bean-bags filled with steel b.bs in the Empire’s new game of, not protest suppression, but protester attack. Are these the actions of a country that is “led” by a Nobel Laureate?

It also comes to me that I chained myself to the White House fence last Monday and was arrested, along with 61 others, protesting the Laureate’s war polices, as he met with his “War Council.” Five hundred more of us were there. We were and still all are adamantly opposed to the war policies of The Laureate.

What does that make us candidates for?

The Bizzarro World Peace Prize?

The only “vision” that has come true today, is George Orwell’s 1984: War is Peace; Ignorance is Strength and Freedom is Slavery.

We can’t allow the fact that Obama has been awarded a prize that oftentimes goes to mass murderers anyway, be the final nail in the coffin of the US anti-war movement.

As far as I am concerned, this Prize that was a slap in the face to true peace workers around the world, changes nothing.

Peace of the Action will still go down in DC this spring unless The Laureate signs orders to bring our troops home from the Middle East.




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  2. Now here’s a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize – Sister Helen Prejean. A person who for decades has fought to end state decreed homicide not only in the USA, but throughout the World.

    Sister Helen is an accomplished author, has travelled widely – and above all, she’s not a time serving politician.

  3. All the points are covered here. It’s time that We The People of the USA relaimed our country from the War is Peace, greed is good, its only collateral damage crowd. A better time for a viable third party candidate never existed.

    Cindy, you are to commended. praised and emulated. You turned a personal heart breaking disaster into the conscience of the country.

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  5. Cindy Sheehan is not only a courageous, dedicated, and seemingly tireless activist for a peaceful and just world, but I must say she has educated herself on a variety of subjects and knows exactly what is going on in the world. She puts the blame right where it belongs -on capitalism and spineless politicians in service to the robber barons.

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