Father Miguel D’Escoto: The UN has failed + On Palestine and the UN + The US in the age of Obama

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Updated: Oct. 16, 2009

The Real News Network
October 9, 2009

As he leaves the office of the President of the UN General Assembly, Father Miguel d’Escoto gave Real News Senior Editor Paul Jay a no holds barred interview on the issues plaguing the United Nations. D’Escoto held the democratization of the UN as a key pillar of his Presidency, but along the way he learned of the various obstacles that keep the General Assembly from becoming an effective body within the UN, and the UN from becoming an effective body within the world. He blames the world’s most powerful states for this ineptitude to act, which has resulted in what he calls the failure of the UN to address the two objectives for which it was founded, the avoidance of war and the eradication of poverty.

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On Palestine and the UN

October 10, 2009

Outgoing General Assembly prez, Father Miguel d’Escoto, tells niece “I feel like I’m in a cesspool” after UN inaction on Gaza. For more visit http://www.therealnews.com



D’Escoto on the US in the age of Obama

TheRealNews on Oct 15, 2009

d’Escoto: From Iraq war to imprisoned Cuban 5 , Americans need the courage to form a “new mindset”

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