OEC rules in favor of Schmidt

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October 11, 2009

A decision has been made by the Ohio Elections Commission regarding complaints filed against David Krikorian by Congresswoman Jean Schmidt earlier this month. Krikorian, a Democrat candidate in next year’s primary, is not happy with the results. Schmidt originally filed nine complaints against Krikorian, stating that he had made false claims during the 2008 election about her taking thousands of dollars in Turkish Political Action Committee money in exchange for denying the Armenian genocide in World War I.

During the course of the proceedings, Schmidt dropped four of the complaints against Krikorian, leaving just five to be contested by the Ohio Elections Commission. During the course of the investigation, the commission heard from numerous witnesses, including a deposition from Jean Schmidt and former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, a well known whistleblower. A video copy of Edmonds’ deposition can be seen at http://www.newsdemocrat.com.


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  1. Thre are definite constitutional free speech issues involved here. A good argument can be made that the way the entire election commission is set up in Ohio is illegal.

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