The Victims of Pornography by Chris Hedges

by Chris Hedges
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Oct. 12, 2009

This excerpt is taken from Chris Hedges’ newest book, “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle.”

The Pink Cross booth has a table of anti-porn tracts and is set up in the far corner of the Sands Expo convention centre in Las Vegas. It is an unlikely participant at the annual Adult Video News (AVN) expo. Pink Cross is a Christian outreach program for women in the porn industry, run by ex-porn star Shelley Lubben.

In a convention exalting the pornography industry, Lubben’s table is not overrun with visitors, most of whom are male and middle-aged with cameras around their necks. The few men who make it to the far corner of the convention centre look curiously at its pink banner and walk past. The expo is filled with more alluring fare. There are numerous booths for porn producers and distributors, many with women in tiny skirts and bras who, often clinging to stripper poles, gyrate and bend over and spread their legs for groups of men. They simulate masturbation and flash their breasts for crowds of onlookers. Huge banners hang from the ceiling promoting new releases such as Slutty and Sluttier 6.



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Chris Hedges is the author of the new book “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle.”

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9 thoughts on “The Victims of Pornography by Chris Hedges

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  3. Why does this remind me of articles claiming that video games lead to gun violence?
    Isolated anecdotes hardly constitute rigorous analysis. The fact that some porn is degrading to women doesn’t mean that porn is intrinsically degrading to women.

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  6. The parrallel and similarity between Rome before it fell and the current US is eerie.

    What is described here is a social commentary on a sick society.

  7. I am speechless to Chris’s very impressive take on the porn industry. This has got to be the best article/excerpt on the subject that I have ever read.
    I’m going to have to order his book now and read what else he has to say. 🙂

    Great posting!

  8. grim story. in rhode island we are about to ‘close the loophole’ and criminalize indoor prostitution. i don’t think this will help people who are trapped in abusive situations, i think it will make things worse. after all, the other 49 states have not closed the ‘massage parlors’ that the law targets.
    i can’t believe that the movie makers were not breaking numerous laws. were they paying taxes, putting in social security? it was a violent, unsafe situation. assault is illegal no matter what the circumstances.
    what if, instead of targeting porn, there was an investigation of all the laws broken when an employer advertises for one thing, then coerces another and causes physical harm?

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