Max Keiser – Face Off – “Is the Crisis Over?”

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October 16, 2009

Pt 2


Max Keiser: On the Edge with Michael Hudson

The Ongoing Cover Up of the Truth Behind the Financial Crisis May Lead to Another Crash

The Crime of Our Time: Was the Economic Collapse “Indeed, Criminal?” Reviewed by Stephen Lendman

“Global Imbalances” versus Internal Inequalities: Understanding the World Economy By James Petras

12 thoughts on “Max Keiser – Face Off – “Is the Crisis Over?”

  1. Some day somebody’s got to pay it all back but I don’t think its the banks. At the moment its like the phony war but that wont last forever. Sooner or later the people will wake up to realise that we are no more important to the elite and your average third world factory worker. Then we shall see the extent of all this. I think Max is mad as hell because he sees the situation for what it is and cant believe that despite the all of this we are so docile. Its like watching a car crash in slow motion.

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  10. There is a growing body of evidence that Kaiser is right on the money. According to the New York Post, foreign banks have about half as many reserves in dollars as they did ten years ago. With less willing dollar hoarders overseas, the Federal Reserve can no longer count on flippantly increasing the money supply to spur on the economy. Global patience for US economic hegemony is quickly running out.

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