Countdown: Congressman Clyburn: Medicare for Everybody!

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Dandelion Salad

October 21, 2009

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Why We Desperately Need Health Care for All – Now by Dennis Kucinich

Ralph Nader: Congress has shut us out

The Jay Leno Show: Dennis Kucinich & Steve LaTourette

Countdown Special Comment: The Fight Against Death

Write to Congress:

4 thoughts on “Countdown: Congressman Clyburn: Medicare for Everybody!

  1. Personally? We don’t get to talk about amerigoon healthcare untill we stop killing innocent people abroad.

    Upon our MASSIVE reparations (and healthcare for the wounded and awards for the illegally murthered by amerigun enlistees following orders to kill innocent’s on command), and following complete and total withdrawal (no goon-mongering bases allowed to remain!), only then might we gain the right to talk about healthcare for any amerigoon let alone for all the whole cowboy-cult gun-toting fooolish red-state flock.

    Killers go to jail, Forev er.

    The USA goes to jail, to purgatory. They, each and every one who rfefused to dissent the wars, goers to hell. No bailouts allowed until these seething hideous selfish herenrasse learns to stop killing (with endless impunity).

    They certainly don’t get their selfish healthcare, nor their right to red-state killer-cultist militaristic miscreatism until they stop killing innocents with drones!!!

    The USA is a malignantly murderous enterprise, unchecked since it massacred the first nations.

    Amerigah, GO HOME!!!

    My own amerigoon business generated big bucks for the Murder Industrial Complex. For sham, is that enough?


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