Goldstone challenges US over Gaza report + Israel and war crimes

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October 21, 2009

The United States has criticised the Goldstone report into Israel’s war on Gaza, calling it one-sided.

In an interview with Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi, Justice Richard Goldstone challenged the US government to justify its claims that his findings are flawed and biased.

Goldstone said the attacks on him have become personal and he believes most critics have not even read the report.


Israel and war crimes

October 22, 2009

The man behind a scandalous report on war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed by Israel during the Gaza conflict, sits down for an exclusive interview with RT’s Anastasia Churkina.


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6 thoughts on “Goldstone challenges US over Gaza report + Israel and war crimes

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  5. A “good Faith” Israeli investiagation is not going to happen. Israel is false contry located on land stolen from the Palestiinans, and has repeatedly attacked its neighbors. It’s time an internaitonal “Peace Keeping” force entered the occupied territories and removed the Israelis. The Palestiians seem content to let them have the land they stole if they don’t cotinue stealing more.

  6. When Goldstone decided to hold public, televised hearings (Goldstone, 22), he made a travesty of the entire “fact finding” mission. Witnesses who had information hurtful to Hamas, and who might have felt inclined to be honest if interviewed a secure and confidential setting, were forced to choose between publicly:

    a. telling the truth and risking their own lives/health and those of their families, or

    b. lying or omitting information hurtful to Hamas or helpful to Israel.

    The purpose of a fact-finding mission is *not* to broadcast raw testimony without verification; rather, it is to determine the facts based on all sources available, including *confidential* sources, and then to report on the facts as uncovered. Its procedures must be designed to encourage truthful testimony, not to facilitate intimidation of witnesses.

    Gaza is a totalitarian statelet ruled by Hamas, an organization that seized absolute power in a violent coup in 2007. Within Gaza, Hamas armed fighters and security teams operate with an iron fist, and their tactics are consistent and violent. Many Ordinary Gazans are intimidated.
    So… . Goldstone made witnesses testify *in public*. He placed honest witnesses in potentially mortal danger, and he made it easy for dishonest witnesses to succumb to their dishonesty.

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