Afghan Peace Vigil for Nobel Peace Laureate President Obama

Abdulai, Afghan boy

13 year old Abdulai will keep the
Afghan peace vigil from 22/10/2009

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Note: please write a short message in support of these kids to President Obama:

October 22, 2009

Bamiyan youth held a cultural event at Bamiyan Peace Park, attended by internationals and ‎Afghan youth

The youth read peace poems, enacted a peace sketch, sang & played the flute for peace.‎

They read their message of peace ( for the Nobel Peace ‎Prize Winner President Obama‎

Were keeping a peace vigil at this Peace Park till the voice of peace is raised in Afghanistan ‎& the world‎

Afghan youth peace volunteers, led by 13 year old Abdulai, keeping warm in their tent at ‎night as their vigil continues till President Obama acknowledges their message of peace


Progress of our peace vigil

Life progresses principally when individuals struggle together for something worthwhile, especially when these individuals hardly know each other, but do so because they recognize the common human values that hold Mankind together.

Because of this kindred human spirit, otherwise described as love, we will not give up.


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Is this our Afghan moment of peace? 13 year old Afghan boy will keep peace vigil with other youth