The Peter B Collins Show: Former FBI Agent John Cole and Sibel Edmonds

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The Peter B Collins Show
Info on Podcast #57
October 24, 2009

Former FBI Agent John Cole talks about his work on counterintelligence, the Sibel Edmonds case and his own experience as a whistleblower. This is the 8th in our series of Boiling Frogs interviews, co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds. Cole has a lot to say about the internal workings of the FBI, and the chilling effect on its employees who witness the retaliation against people like Cole and Edmonds who raised issues of criminal behavior or agency mismanagement. He talks about Turkish and Israeli espionage operations in the US, the infiltration of the Bureau by a Pakistani spy, abuses of FISA applications, the TRILOGY software fiasco, and more. Cole’s new book is “While America Sleeps–An FBI Whistleblower’s story”. Continue reading

Bulgaria, Romania: U.S., NATO Bases For War In The East by Rick Rozoff

by Rick Rozoff
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October 24, 2009

“U.S. efforts in Romania and Bulgaria are part of a global redeployment strategy started in the early years of the Bush administration to shift U.S. forces out of Germany and move them eastward.”

“The number of US military men at the two bases is not going to be large, but who can say that it will not be doubled, tripped or quadrupled in the future? Furthermore, the appearance of NATO bases on the Black Sea coast will come as an addition to the US military [deployments] in the Baltic region. As a result, Russia will find itself trapped.”

“[T]he new land, sea and airbases along the Black Sea will provide much improved contingency access for deployments into Central Asia, parts of the Middle East and Southwest Asia.”

Last week was an eventful one in Eastern Europe.

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Noam Chomsky: We Do Not Defer To Any Authority

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Oct. 24, 2009

HARDtalk interview with American linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky recorded in 2002 – a few months after the 9/11 attacks – he accused the US and Britain of an illegal war in Afghanistan.

Watch video via ICH

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Dollar Collapse Update: “Obama Demands Pay in Euros!” By Mike Whitney

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By Mike Whitney
Information Clearing House
October 23, 2009

The “dollar debate” on the Internet has been ferocious and emotionally-charged, but sadly lacking in logic. To oppose the “dollar will crash” theorists is like arguing a woman’s right to choose with the fist-waving throng assembled outside an abortion clinic. The results are equally disappointing. To say that “minds are already made up and the issue is settled”, is an understatement. For many, the dollar’s transition from the world’s reserve currency to a Wiemar era Deutschemark is not a question “if” but only of “when”. One reader summed up the distrust that’s felt for anyone who dares to challenge the prevailing dogma like this:

“Mike…..Your article on October 19th 2009 titled “The Dollar will NOT crash,” made all of us in this part of the world who respected your views and opinions feel disturbed and appalled….Then my friend explicated and reminded me, “From the time of Chaim Weizmann’s solicitous and guile behavior towards the politicians, the media and the newspersons, the powerful Zionists lobby had perfected the art of falsity and misrepresentation.”

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Craig Murray: Uzbek terror and the UK/USA + How a Torture Protest Killed a Career

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October 24, 2009

Craig Murray: CIA used Uzbek torture to create false intelligence; support for regime continues

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Afghan peace vigil waiting with the world for President Obama

Abdulai, Afghan boy

13 year old Abdulai will keep the
Afghan peace vigil from 22/10/2009

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Note: please write a short message in support of these kids to President Obama:

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Venezuela: The Battle for Workers’ Control (2007)

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Socialist Project -» Left Streamed
Caracas, October 30, 2007

Produced as part of Centro Internacional Miranda’s Transformative Practice and Human Development, directed by Michael Lebowitz.

Workers’ Control – Theory and Experiences

michael lebowitz on Jan 13, 2012

Conference in October 2007 in Caracas [subtitled with additional material]

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