A Canadian Look At U.S. Health Care + Flood Nancy Pelosi — It IS Up to Her

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October 26, 2009

October 25, 2009 CBC The National



Flood Nancy Pelosi — It IS Up to Her


Congressman Wiener needs your help on his single payer Medicare For All amendment. I just got back from a conference in Boston where Rep. Wiener asked for help on two things:

First, and urgently, he wants people to contact Speaker Pelosi and ask her to keep her promise to allow a floor amendment and floor debate on a single payer amendment to the House bill. Although the Speaker promised such a floor amendment in July, there is a strong likelihood that she will back down on that promise in the very near future unless she gets a flood of emails, faxes or calls. So let’s flood Nancy Pelosi’s office with faxes like we did once before.

Remarkably, Speaker Pelosi said in Democratic Caucus “If it were up to me, we would have single payer.” Let’s remind Nancy Pelosi with a flood of faxes: it IS up to her because she is the Speaker.

Second, Rep. Wiener asked that we flood our Congresspersons with calls and push them to support the single payer Medicare For All amendment. About 100 other Congressmen are solidly behind it now and even blue dogs are wavering, so Wiener thinks a push on Congress will help a great deal. You can send a fax supporting the Wiener single payer Medicare For All amendment right now. Just click here.

You can send a FREE fax to Pelosi very simply and easily.

Here is the link to the fax.

It simply asks Pelosi to keep her promise for a floor debate in the House. The Pelosi fax linked above is very important. You can also call her office at 202-225-4965.

Don’t let her back down on her promise of a single payer floor debate in the House.


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