Rep. Barney Frank VS Ralph Nader on the Economy

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October 26, 2009

Ralph Nader and Barney Frank face-off on the economy Ed Show

Pt 2


Rhetoric and Reality by Ralph Nader

Barney Frank and the Planet of the Banks by Ralph Nader

9 thoughts on “Rep. Barney Frank VS Ralph Nader on the Economy

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  5. Being clever–lets see how that works out for Frank, in the future…

    Oh, well, he’s probabl;y locked in in Mass…

  6. Barney Frank is a buffoon. The notion that this architect of the global financial meltdown is anywhere NEAR a financial institution is surreal. He should be in jail, and the complicit media should be in the top bunk.

  7. Frank’s behavior in crafting this bill (which I watched some of, on c-span) was nothing more or less than pathetic. Frank tries to punk Nader, and, sadly, Nader doesnt seem to come back with as much indignancy as he once did.

    I like what Nader said about Commercial vs Investment banking–bought out Frank will never go for it. small banks get more money? fine, but how about small people….all of our allies are confused as to why we wont implement obvious reforms

    No one, literally, speaks for us.

  8. Notice how B. Frank tries to hamstring (discredit) Nader’s standing as a Consumer Advocate with his opening salvo.
    That just starts the jabs and undercutting.

    Also notice how sour-puss keeps fiddling with his hands and tie.. a sure sign of his discomfort. A likely sign of deceit in his communication. A common observation of witnesses that are lying when under scrutiny.

    Here’s a zinger in the first round..
    B.Frank says that he wants to “..give the regulators the ability to impose Glass Stegal, institution by institution..” Meaning that the authorities get the gift of “Selective enforcement” ability. In other words, a rule that applies only to some while others get away with a crime.

    Rules are only fair if applied equally to all.

    So, by wanting to essentially give “selective enforcement powers” to Wall St regulators, Goldman Sachs (whose former staff is riddled throughout the Obama administration, the FTC, SEC etc.) will continue it’s nefarious trading practices while those that haven’t paid the political piper will be fined and punished, selectively.

    Barney, you’re losing credibility word by word.

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