Capitalist planning: we can’t find a damn job! By Roland Michel Tremblay

Roland Michel Tremblay

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By Roland Michel Tremblay
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
The Marginal
27 October, 2009

Capitalist planning

Only do something if one can make a dollar

And certainly don’t do anything

If one cannot make at least a billion dollars

Isn’t it amazing?

For simple minded people

Like me, like us all

Living in a simple world

At a time when no one is working

At a time when no one is doing anything

Such wasted essential resources at hand

Such short sight from our leaders

Is amazing

Out of necessity

This one poem for human rights

Is going around the world

This is not 1929, or is it?

We will be heard this time!

The world is starving

The world has nowhere to live

The world can’t even buy a shirt

For a job interview

At a time when we

Can’t even get a job interview

Seems to us all

With so many desperate people

Struggling to survive

In such hard times

There should be plenty to do

To help ourselves out of this black hole


We’re all stuck at home watching TV

Thinking of doing something insane

Going into deep depression

Wondering how to find something to do

That could alleviate

The world’s pain and suffering

But overall to alleviate

Our own personal pain and suffering

There’s no damn job left!

What remains is already well dodgy

Promising hours going off the scale

Below the minimum salary

Abuse and exploitation

Sell us your soul

Without reward

And we can’t even get that!

No wonder many find

Going to the devil

Much more appealing

Who would not?

The criminal courts, the prisons

Are at full capacity

And yet

We should all get mercy in such times

That dying baby has got to eat something

One way or another

The only employer at this time

Who could afford to hire us all

To jump start the economy

Whilst helping so many desperate citizens

Is the government itself, meaning us

But the government decided, not us

To spend trillions on saving banks

With no thought left for any of us

Thinking somehow they would save the economy

Of an economic system that has already proven

To be fatal to us all, the people

You can only and always

Lose all your money to banks

We certainly lost it all forever at this time

Now is the time to cry

Now is the time to cry out

For such betrayal

There is no other way to define

This state of affair

Us the people

Should always be in charge of our own money

Lending it to ourselves

Never letting any third party making trillions on our back

Such basic things are so damn evident

Never let anyone on any government

Be ever bought again

To ever think otherwise

The government decided

To sack everyone instead

Early retirement and redundancy packages

Even for the ones under 25

Apparently even babies

Are ready for early retirement

There is nothing left to do for anyone!

We must find our way back to basics

And I’m afraid

The government must play a major role in this

This is a time of emergency

We’ll have to think of ways to survive

Or have we lost touch with realities?

Growing carrots in our minuscule gardens

Selling food to the poor

To survive ourselves

Here is a small mathematical problem, grade 2

How many carrots one would need to sell

In order to pay the taxes alone?

Can’t make it, there is no way!

Do not be surprised

By the essentials required at this time of misery

We all need to escape this reality

Forgetting food and survival

We’ll always find money somehow

For cigarettes, alcohol and drugs

Desperate times call for desperate measures

There is nothing more important

When one is already dying of inaction

Feeling so useless

When so much could actually be achieved

In this world

Do not wait until it explodes

Find something for us to do

And make it all worth our while

No exploitation needs apply

We’re all distressed, we’re all fed up

There is no way out

We cannot survive in any meaningful way

We can’t find a damn job

Whilst it is obvious

We are all in desperate need

Of just about everything

There is under this Earth

There should be plenty of jobs at this time of need

Simple, our priorities are just misplaced

Capitalist planning

Only do something if one can make a dollar

And certainly don’t do anything

If one cannot make at least a billion dollars

Who cares if there are no jobs?

Who cares if everyone is starving?

Who cares if no one can pay their bills?

Who cares if we’re all losing our home?

Certainly not the government

Certainly not the corporate world

Finding a quick way out of this world

Come back in 10 years

If you’re still alive

The economy might have picked up by then

There will be more

Marketing and Sales jobs then

Selling useless services and products no one wants

To a world who no longer understands

The most essential needs

Of a whole world

The primary needs of a nation

And how to go about providing for it

Whilst all the resources required are at hand

After all

No one is doing anything these days

And there are plenty of resources to go around

A virtual recession cannot and should never alter these facts

There’s plenty to go around

You can eat and survive this very day


Our priorities are just misplaced

Our ways of going about things

Are misguided

So simple!


There are billions of dollars to be made

At a time of recession

We’re all desperate

We’re all in need of something

We are all ready to produce what this world needs!

So what are you waiting for?

Somehow I’m sure we can pay for it

As long as we can earn something

To pay for it

Or did you forget about that?

You’ve got to develop a broader view man!

Of the capital markets

Help it and it will help you

Forget about it and you are dead

Forget about it

And a whole world’s economy

Comes to a full stop

Never mind any consequence

Capitalist planning

Only do something if one can make a dollar

And certainly don’t do anything

If one cannot make at least a billion dollars

I’m afraid

Such a way of thinking

Such capitalist way of planning

Can only bring this world

To an early grave

This is the end of humanity

Unless somehow

We can change our whole way of thinking

Our whole way of going about business

So what is it going to be?

I am ready to die

I am ready for the end of the world

Are you?


“Without irony, this life would hardly be worth living.”
Roland Michel Tremblay, Poet for Human Rights


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3 thoughts on “Capitalist planning: we can’t find a damn job! By Roland Michel Tremblay

  1. Really good poem. The major problem in America, and the nations of the world, has been the progressive movement. The enemy is has not been at the gate for a long time now – They migrated into our schools and now sit accross from us in our very own living rooms.

    • They is something “wrong” with the Progressive movement? There is no “liberal media”; it is corporately owned and operated with one agenda: make money.

      Turn off the TV forever.

  2. Alas, all is not lost. There are many things to do in the world. When you can’t find a job, you can help people who are even less fortunatethan you are.

    The love and compassion that you show will come back to you-hopefully in the form of gainful employment!

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