Celente: Wall Street has hijacked Washington D.C.

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October 26, 2009

Although Wall Street seems to be optimistic about economic recovery in the near future, economists like George Soros and Gerald Celente warn that things could only get worse in the future. Celente calls the U.S. economic system ‘perverted.’ RT’s Dina Gusovsky gets more details from Celente.


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2 thoughts on “Celente: Wall Street has hijacked Washington D.C.

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  2. The banks didn’t hijack Washington. The politicians sold it out. The revolving door between the private sector and the public sector needs to be locked; furthermore, public funding of elections is the only way that corporae lobby money will not be the deciding factor on how politicians vote. Of course, this will not happen because the politicians are happily growing fat at the trough.

    The only way change is going to happen in the US is through a broad based grassroots movement, and the government and corporations are intent on keeping any dissentent organization disjointed.

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