Scott Horton Interviews Sibel Edmonds and John M. Cole

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Scott Horton
Antiwar Radio
October 26, 2009

Former FBI contracttranslatorturned whistleblower Sibel Edmonds and former FBI counter-intelligence officer John M. Cole discuss State Department cooperation with the “mujahedeen” in the Central Asian Turkic countries through the Turkish military and intelligence in the time before 9/11, a State Department order to release suspicious Uzbeks and Turks after the attack, the neocons’ and realists’ joint-attempt to negotiate the invasion of Iraq from Turkey in the summer of 2001, Edmonds’s overall credibility and level of access to information in her role as “language specialist” for the FBI, espionage within the FBI and why it continues unabated, Cole’s “conservative estimate” of 125 worthwhile investigations into Israeli espionage in the U.S. which quashed by political pressure from above, Edmonds’s accusations that Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and Marc Grossman have been participating in the stealing and fencing of nuclear secrets to Turkish and Israeli agents for years, Grossman’s outing of CIA front-company “Brewster-Jennings” to a Turkish diplomat in August, 2001 – nearly 2 years before the Valerie Plame scandal – and it’s destruction as a result, the grey area where legitimate lobbying by foreign governments crosses into espionage and criminality, Cole’s call for prosecutions and Edmonds’s intention to turn her new news Website,, into a home for journalists who want to practice their craft without partisanship or political pressure.


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  2. I greatly appreciate Sibel Edmonds for her commitment to speak the truth, and to find the truth ,to share with everyone concerned The clandestine machinations of the “upper echelon crazy gang” in the FBI have systematically wrecked a functioning democratic government ,they have created fear and distrust in the USA that can explode ,the FBI have lost the belief of the citizens ,that they can protect and serve their elected government ,The brutal murder of JFK ,RFK and MLK has eroded that respect or confidence in the FBI ,most people are now in that the “spin cycle” of fear, distrust, and contempt which is ,created by The media, feeding disinformation into the mainstream of political awareness and thought,Good work AWR and Sibel ,may the blessing of peace be upon you,to defend and protect the innocent ,

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