Chaos in Afghanistan as UN staff killed in Kabul attack

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October 28, 2009

At least twelve people – including six United Nations staff – have been killed in an attack on a UN guest house in the Afghan capital, Kabul. Police say the situation is under control, after militants barricaded themselves inside.


UN staff killed in Kabul attacks – 28 Oct 09

October 28, 2009

A hotel favoured by diplomats in Afghanistan and a guesthouse in Kabul in which UN workers were staying were attacked by Taliban fighters on Wednesday.

Five UN staff died in the guest house attack and rockets were fired at the hotel in what is supposed to be the most secure part of the capital city.

Jonah Hull reports from Kabul.



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  3. What a surprise – lots of bloodshed, to be followed very soon by…..more bloodshed and more bloodshed, until one day, when we get tired of all the bloodshed – our blood and theirs – we’ll leave, leaving that country in a pool of blood. Not a pretty picture – but we’ll be stupid enough to live that nightmare, even though we are almost certain that that’s what’s gonna happen. We may be smart in certain areas, but when it comes to learning from our mistakes, we are pretty dense…..and stupid!

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